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11 years ago
Would you please push the following changes to the affiliates module  ..

1. When a record is entered into the affiliates table to record an affiliate     
   referral event we record that at that time no download has been attributed 
   with that referral event 
2. The redirection to the mozilla download page carries the affiliate id for the   
   affiliate referral 

Please also add the field "download" to the affiliates table ..

ALTER TABLE `affiliates` ADD `download` ENUM( 'Y', 'N' ) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'N' 

We will then need to work out how we are going to update the download field after a successful download . We will probably want to do this when the "first time" page loads in the new browser.

I am going to give this some further consideration now 

I have also commited some minor formatting changes to sfx_affiliates.install

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11 years ago
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sfx_affiliates.module patch
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11 years ago
I can see two options for determining whether a referral event leads to an actual download but they are both not perfect  ..

1. When a user in IE or some other browser clicks on the download button on mozilla
download page we at that point do an XMLHTTPREQUEST to the server to update the = Y  against a known affilaite_id

2. Another possibility is when firefox is installed and the start page loads we do an XMLHTTPREQUEST to  the server  to look for an affiliate referral for the known external IP and update the = Y 

I think 1 is by far the better choice as its a fair assumption that a click on the download button will result in an actual download and we would only be doing the XMLHTTPREQUEST for actual affiliate referrals   

Any thoughts ?


11 years ago
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Since this would require changes to sfx and it probably doesn't belong in the server ops queue quite yet.  Moving to the spreadfirefox queue.
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11 years ago
I made a mistake with that patch i passed  the user id and not the affiliate id

Would you please delete my previous commit and ill commmit again tomorrow with some additional work that i am currently doing .

Thanks Paul 

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sfx_affiliates.module patch

denied, per comment #4
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11 years ago
The changes have all been commited with


11 years ago
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