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This report contains a bug and a related request for additional improvement.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
(It's sufficient to do steps 1..4 to see the problem.  Additional steps just
add details to the problem)

1. Go to page info -> security -> view cookies
2. Search for a domain (e.g. mozilla.or)
3. delete a cookie
4. Modify the search (e.g. add "g" to the end: 
*** Observe the bug: the deleted cookie reappears in the results list!
5. Close the view cookies window and open it again. 
*** Observe: now the cookie is gone.
6. Enter the same search:
7. Open a page on this domain that sets the cookie while the view 
   cookies window is open.
*** Observe: the new cookie doesn't appear automatically in the search.
8. Type in the same search.
*** Observe: The new cookie still doesn't appear.
9. Close view cookies, open it again and search again for the same cookie.
*** Observe: now, the new cookie appears
Actual Results:  
(A) The cookie deleted in step 3 appears again on the list in step 4 (bug).
(B) But it's really deleted: in step 6 it's not displayed (correct).
(C) In step 7, the displayed cookie list is not updated with new information.
(D) In step 8, the newly received cookie doesn't appear (bad).
(E) In step 9, the new cookie does appear (correct).

You have to close and re-open the view cookies window to get up-to-data
results.  Sometimes, this is confusing (deleted cookie comes back in the display), sometimes, it's annoying for developers.

Expected Results:  
(A) The deleted cookie should not appear in the search results
(C) The new cookie should appear immediately.  If that can't be implemented,
    I would expect an "refresh results" button that updates the result list.
(D) At least, when I search again, the results should be up-to-date
(B) and (E) are correct.

(A) Bug fix: After manually deleting a cookie, refresh the cookie list and repeat the search.

(B) Enhancement: Add a "refresh cookies" button that performs the same action.  A developer may click on this button when he want's to check for changes in the cookies.  The work-around (close window, open again and search again) is cumbersome.

(D) Better enhancement: Perform the "refresh cookies" action automatically when cookies are changed, without a need to press the button.  This may be difficult or expensive to implement.  Hence, (B) is an acceptable compromise.
(In reply to comment #0)

> Expected Results:  
> (A) The deleted cookie should not appear in the search results

This is bug 410863. Already fixed for Firefox 3 beta 3 :).

> (C) The new cookie should appear immediately.

It's already implemented. See:

See also bug 388426 for a related issue (expired cookies not removed from the list until you close and reopen the window).

Comment 2

10 years ago
Firefox 3 beta 3 indeed resolved all mentioned issues.

Thanks a lot for your work!
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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