Need to lower character limit on add-on names



11 years ago
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11 years ago
Names like "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DELETE MY OWN THEMES OR I JUST CAN'T ANYWAYS -THEME" and "Gnafi - Synchronize Your Bookmarks! URL BAR Search! Tags & Keywords! Great For Forums!" mess up formatting, but mainly they're just entirely too long.
Justin: Did this by any chance get fixed as part of the new Dev CP?

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11 years ago
No, it didn't. But if we decide on a character limit it should be easy to implement. What does everyone think of 40 characters?
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> What does everyone think of 40 characters?

As a comparison, that'd be: "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DELETE MY OWN THEMES" :)

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11 years ago
Posted patch patch, v1Splinter Review
Had to make some changes to the translation box code to better support maxLength in normal text fields instead of text areas.
Assignee: nobody → fligtar
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It works good so far, and I like how it's counting. However, it won't keep you from *saving* a longer add-on name (i.e., a long name is not considered a form error). Is that intentional?
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10 years ago
Assignee: fligtar → nobody
Severity: normal → trivial
Priority: -- → P5
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9 years ago
Would be nice to get a sane cap to avoid 164 char wonders like this:
"Keep Tube: Download Youtube Videos, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Megavideo, Metacafe, Google, Yahoo, Spike, Myspace, Facebook, Veoh, Break, Current, Redtube videos and more!"

Some people are using it like a description.

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9 years ago
We should consider fixing this bug in 5.11

Looks bad in zamboni:
Target Milestone: Future → 5.11
Target Milestone: 5.11 → 4.x (triaged)
Pick a limit, let's do it
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I like 40, like fligtar suggested.

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9 years ago
For English 40 is probably fine, but some locales may need more like 70.
(e.g. German text tends to be... long)
At the top of the file: names in de or en-us longer than 40 characters.
At the bottom: the distribution of name lengths in all locales.
Looks to me like a lot of extensions with barely more than 40 chars are still legitimate names (like "The OFFICIAL Washington Capitals NHL Theme").

My highly subjective opinion is, 50 seems to be an *acceptable*, 60 a *generous* limit.
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> Looks to me like a lot of extensions with barely more than 40 chars are still
> legitimate names (like "The OFFICIAL Washington Capitals NHL Theme").

For some definition of legitimate... a name like this can be easily cropped to something more reasonable.

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9 years ago
The problem is that auto-cropping would break some of these legitimate names.

How about this:
1) New char max of 40
2) Auto-crop all over 70
3) Any between 40 and 70 would have to crop manually on edit because the form wouldn't accept the over-the-limit strings, but they aren't forced into an auto-crop right away. These long but not necessarily hideous names would be phased out, rather than chopped off automatically.

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9 years ago
Fred has sold me on 50 with his starry adjectives. I will blog about this so that if we do auto-crop people will have been warned.
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I knew those stars would get you.


9 years ago
Target Milestone: 4.x (triaged) → 5.12.3
Assignee: nobody → gkoberger

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9 years ago
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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