Security & stabilization update to from will not open. Icon bounces in dock for 30+ secs. but will not boot-up.




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User-Agent:       Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X Mach-O; en-US; rv: Gecko/20071206 Firefox/ Navigator/
Build Identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X Mach-O; en-US; rv: Gecko/20071206 Firefox/ Navigator/

   Working in & it just turned off.  Upon reboot all bookmarks disappeared.  While searching for & finding bookmarks restoration resolution, downloaded suggested security & stabilization update to  After installing, the version properly updated from to2.0.0.12 in my the internet applications.  But now Firefox will not open/boot-up.  It appears to try.  The icon bounces in the dock for over 30 seconds but just want open; doesn't show up in active applications either.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Click icon (alias?) in the dock.
2.&/or double click Firefox, installed in the internet applications.
Actual Results:  
   The actual Icon visually expands like it's loading; the icon in dock bounces for over 30 seconds.  It eventually stops & nothing.

Expected Results:  
   Has always opened the Firefox browser page.

   Close Mac friends surprised I prefer Firefox over Safari.  I'm still a novice, this is all a late-in-life learning process.  Had gotten accustomed to Netscape in my Mac Classic after all the lack of support in I.E. and to a degree in Netscape.  Even, in my ignorance, tried to put Firefox on Mac os 9.2.2.
   On disability it took me a long time but I finally got to Mac OSX via an old Mac Cube.  Being old it's been another can of worms.  Had to get a new hard drive for the Cube and the original OSX disks (10.2 or 10.3 don't remember which may have had a glitch [investigating].  That, however, seem to have no affect on Firefox

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10 years ago
   Should I dump/trash the the out of Apps./internet. & download again?
Understand I won't loose the bookmarks, saved in another file for that day, 2/6/08.  Not yet sure how to pull them back out of the "saved bookmarks" files yet.  Nor how to reassign the "profiles"; particularly the ALL the search engines so painstakingly installed (info. would be appreciated!)
   By the way working primarily w. Netscape 9 &, it seems to be adapting/adopting/plugged-into the Firefox!  Can't be any part of; it's only remnant is the orig. .dmg (disk image file [installer])in my personal "Mac OSX upgrade" (1/7/08) desktop file.  Mentioned this because there are four (4!) bookmarks, "From Firefox" (identical (so far)), that have appeared
in Navigator's bookmarks.  Also, the "Add Search Engines" appeared after the first time I went to mozilla.addons, to see what would happen.  They loaded.  At the bottom of the engine "Add search Engines" appeared.  Today: showed up as Add "Bugzilla.Mozilla".  Haven't tried it, yet.  Wonder what will happen when I try clicking it or add different plug-ins?
   To reiterate: "Mentioned this..."; literally got a bleary-eyed lot of 24/7 mind-set & work involved here.  The only computer I Know how to use, between my ears, gets fuzzy cramming in all the the info.  Straight-up; I have no relocation importing (couldn't from, it won't open) the bookmarks, even one time, let alone four (4!) times.  That type of action's not necessarily atypical; I'm prone to mistakes & overkill. But remember I can't open Firefox, at all, for export.  No where near having check most of them, but the first set seems to me up-to-date (2/6-7/08).
   To further confuse my ignorance:  the "bookmarksbackup" documents, found in library/application support/Firefox/Profiles/"e00q73h.default" (folder) have not disappeared (dated 2/4,5,6,7&8/08), have a Safari icon imposed over them.  I have made Safari the default browser.  HELP! 
   Been struggling to learn the ins & outs of Safari.  Really don't like it's lack of convenience relative to Firefox 2 (or my Netscape 9)  Will make Navigator my default right now.
   Pleaqse let me here from someone soon!  Scared to but even tempted to put my cell & land line #s here.  IN the same vain would also like to know if there's anything like Peer Guard for PC P2P out there for Mac.




10 years ago
Product: Firefox → Toolkit

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10 years ago
Maybe you should install Firefox 3.0.1 instead it is better and faster.

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10 years ago
    Thanks Wood(y); can't believe, finally got ANY response.  Marked as invalid now, 'cause: 95% certain the Cube I was on at the time had a bad Mother Board.  Put 4 more HDs in her ('scuse me >IT).  #s 2 & 3 were out of a bud's hardware.  He's a Mac Consult for NIH.  He knew for a fact the 4th was good -he was using it.
   Got another Cube from my elder (72 yrs.) cousin.  He bought it brand new & it's pretty much complete.  Didn't mention it, but I like to (& can) rebuild almost anything.  "Watches to Washing Machines" used to be on a 20-30 yr. old bus. card.  You can include old Hoopties (cars), houses RR dars and, -after all the surgeries & my old pre-med proclivities- probably a Man's Knee.
   As I said; "I'm on disability" --the worst part, it often seems, is not spelled PHysical but rather -Fiscal.  Though, granted, it could be "good money after bad".  However, given the unique, transitional appearance, I feel that one day it will make today's $100 Cube quite collectible.  The COMPLETE system my cuz sent me was packed and shipped via a Kinko/Fed X retail store.  WOW!---Did they screw-the-pooch! 
   They placed the 20-25 lb. desktop-Cube, UPSIDE-DOWN, in the bottom of an 8 cubic foot box.  Next to it they put the 50+ lb. monitor, bubble wrapped to (and on top of!) it's Art-Deco, plexiglas stand, to ROLL around, all the way from Miami to DC.  Ha, they bubble-wrapped the keyboard, placed the mouse and speakers in a trash bag & threw them in the mix.  Just for good measure I guess.
   Wood(y) please forgive my digression of anger.  Thanks for taking the time to look at and respond to my posting 6 months ago.  It's encouraging to know somebody in or using Mozilla listened.  The new (glitchy) Cube has 3.0.1 . really couldn't understand the diagramed part of your email response.
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