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add a 'restart in safe-mode' entry to help menu


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i think it would be a good idea to add a 'restart in safe-mode' entry to the help menu for obvious reasons.
a [yes/no] confirmation dialog before restarting would be deluxe.
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May be the 'Help' menu is not the best place for this, but generally I support the idea!
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Flags: wanted-firefox3.1? → wanted-firefox3.2?
Alex, have we ever made a decision about such an option? I know that there was a discussion somewhere about a general restart button or menu entry.
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If you really need to restart into safe mode, can you even reliably access the help menu?

I agree that there are reasons why such a feature would be useful, but I'm not sure they pass the threshold of inclusion in the UI.  For instance, access to the profile manager would be useful, but didn't make the cut.  The only way for us to keep a simple interface is for us to be brutal about what we decide not to include. So using that logic the ability to launch into safe mode probably wouldn't clear the bar for inclusion either.
See bug 414961 for a general restart button on the UI.
Flags: wanted-firefox3.6?
Sufficiently fixed by Parts of Bug 542122.
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Depends on: 542122
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