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Using hand inserted imap and smtp after some digging with manaage idenities 

you can send and for each gmail account i must clone smtp server 

add a dash of yahoo smtp 

add a bit off hurry and walla  

anyohow most email clients you can define a default SMTP server all well and fine. 

however since i the IMAP GMAIL profile dosent come on thunder bird yet. 

(i like IMAP VS pop since i can keep in Sync and bounce and bounce 

laptop @ home Desktop @home 

Server room in the office ; office workstation etc. 

Microsoft Outlook one may define a smtp server as Default 

my perticular gripe is with security enabled servers I'd like the option to make more than ONE defult SMTP server

(account )=(default (pop/imap=*) (smtp auth=pop/imap auth) 

outlook can have per account a default but in a pinch you can switch to the sytem Master DEFAULT 

or one the well over spamed public smtp  relay servers.

just I hate having to use the idenity mager to select smtp gmail-(user id) etc 

if it was an option to overide smtp server on account creation I'd just specify 

thus the smtp server gets added but only single copy but the acount settings are  specified as such.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1.clean install of thunderbird 

2.  easily forget you have to make smtp clones of gmail if not using imap on a secured server i/e gmail-yahoo try to really rush to send an important email and wonder why it rejects then go doooht then see that the idenity manager sets up the acount smtp 
Actual Results:  
simply had to set up smtp aliases per acount with user id in them 

irritating since outlook at work has that option buit in to the account setup wizzard at home was forgetting the ui quirk on thunderbird. 

Expected Results:  
wish list can FORCE specific options on smtp per account from the get go.

I/e rather handy 

hell let me add the smtp settings for a secured account in to said account . 


Comment 1

11 years ago

for its rather  Eassy to forget the IDENT manager rounte as other email clients you can Specify pop smtp and locl mailserver/Groupware (OUTLOOK) to dump the profile mail and seetings as a backup 

anyhow it would make it a Tad easier with some email carriers or enhanced security servers.   HUSH-MAIL being one of them YAHOO GMAIL 

Comment 2

11 years ago
Michael, can you clarify what you're asking for here? Here's two of my best guesses...

1. You want to be able to specify multiple SMTP servers to be used per account you set up so that Thunderbird tries to fail-back to other servers on the list if the first ones don't work. (Bug 52384)

2. You want to be able to create a new SMTP server option on account creation so you don't have to go in and create a new one through the account settings panel.

3. Something else...?

Comment 3

11 years ago
<meta content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"
Get&nbsp; email<br>
get user <br>
get pass <br>
get pop/imap<br>
get smtp<br>
dose smtp use login yes ; (check box use same as pop/imap)(ealse get
smtp user pass)<br>
build thunderbird acount <br>
done <a
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 602px; height: 376px;"></a><br>
(what you might see under what im proposing is a slight mod to smtp
servers queee)<br>
smtp servers <br>
localhost (Primary Thunderbird default )(Office local Email system)<br>
Gmail (Gmail account(s)default)(usename(s)(password(s) stored with
account profile)<br>
Yahoo Mail (Yahoo account(s)default(usename(s)(password(s) stored with
account profile)<br>
my-dot-com's (my ".com"/".org" website smtp's)(usename(s)(password(s)
stored with account profile) <br>
smtp-public somewhare(Backup public open smtp)(works if you vacation in
filtering&nbsp; countries i/e china etc)<br>
alt="Thunderbird acount mail seetings"
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 534px; height: 360px;" align="bottom"></a><br>
curently i have to sometimes keep addind smtp servers though they
already exsist <br>
i/e above;current=tb-acs.png<br>
&nbsp; smtp req auth of
imap user/pass <br>
webmaster@ aging clone smtp server user id pass name smtp server same
name--webmaster <br>
coble around with id manager <br>
rinse repeat (per new account and if you have multiple accounts on same
server this can be a while not to mention aggravating if it sees same
server use same smtp&nbsp; just different use-name&nbsp; passwords etc.
stored in account)<br>
then you have to then force the identity manager to match the account
to correct smtp profile this dose get cumbersome <br>
again i'd rather specify on account create thus its Done and over with <br>
yahoo uses yahoo's email/gmail/other server no mystery errors or
rejects pass words etc. <br>
multiple accounts set up good to go no fuss period. <br>
anyhow that would a keep things more simple and add a tad bit off
to thunderbird by now i would have thought to have seen and been
wanting since 1.5 <br>
it would be slick quick and K.I.S.S. &nbsp;<br>
anyhow it would say be smart enough to see ahh yes g mail account 2 use
same login&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br>
account 2 for smtp of
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