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Restrict filter processing to the dirty area


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With the infrastructure that's just landed on trunk it should be pretty easy to restrict filter computation and intermediate surfaces to rerender just the dirty area (in most cases; some filter primitives would still do the whole area). This would be a huge speedup for use cases like scrolling a large static image with filters and large static backgrounds using filters with some dynamic effects going on on top. Might be worth doing for 1.9.
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roc, do you want to block on this?
No, but we could make it wanted1.9.
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Not for 1.9. I'm working on it for the next release.
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I have a fix for this in my tree, works great. I'll break it out for submission later.
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-- Take the dirty rect into account when we compute needed-bounding-boxes
-- Ensure that GenerateNormal doesn't apply boundary conditions at the computation rect boundary, but the surface boundary
-- Ensure that Gaussian blur applies boundary conditions at the surface boundary, not the computation rect boundary, but still doesn't let stuff leak out of the filter primitive subregion
-- Some extra Gaussian blur reftests to cover that
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There are couple of white-space problems from an earlier checkin:
on line 575 and 581, please fix those while you're here.
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Pushed 8ffe8a29e52b.
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