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10 years ago
The application icon (visible in the taskbar) is the generic Windows one. The install-shortcut dialog doesn't have any icon. This is easy to fix (set "dialog" feature to "no"), but then the generic Windows icon is used as well. It seems like to fix this we will need to compile our own icon resources into the .exe (this might be another reason for the stub executable that mfinkle has been arguing for). Note that the dialogs displayed by Prism apps (e.g. addons) also use the generic icon, so each would presumably have to have its own custom executable (stub) as well.

Not sure if this is an issue on Linux as well. Can some Linux person please comment?
That's the case for Linux as well, so I'm setting OS: All. I've been meaning to file a bug on it, but never got around to it.

I assume, though, that you're referring to cases where Prism is started without a webapp (i.e. when the Prism icon is supposed to be used). When a webapp is running and has an assigned icon, it does adorn both the taskbar entry and window.
OS: Windows XP → All

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10 years ago
Exactly. That's presumably because a shortcut is used that has the right icon associated with it.

I just tried something, and by placing an icon named install-shortcut (a PNG in my case) in chrome/icons/default, the window (and taskbar button) has the correct Prism icon when starting Prism without command line arguments. 

Per: http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Window_icons

Presumably, the icon named webrunner isn't necessary since that window is never displayed (bug 418619). If it still is, I guess the size hit in adding a second icon file is minimal. On platforms that support it, one could use symlinks.
Eh, ok, symlinks in jars won't work. But anyway.

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10 years ago
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Rename webrunner icons to install-shortcut

Nice one, Fredrik. I forgot about that. Here's a patch to fix the makefile. I'll rename the icons in SVN when I check it in.
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Just to note, for Linux it would make sense to keep around the larger sizes still (though renamed). 

Windows and the taskbar use 16x16 icons, but when you alt-tab through running applications, the icon shown is 32x32 (for my theme at least). If the only icon supplied is 16x16, it will be up-sampled and look blurry and, frankly, ugly. But by having install-shortcut48.png in chrome/icons/default as well, the larger version is used. So renaming the PNGs from webrunnerXX.png to install-shortcutXX.png would be my suggested action.

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10 years ago
Alright I'll renamed the 48x48 image and we can see if that works for you.
I'm marking this FIXED, since I believe the last couple check-ins have unscrewed the screwiness.
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