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Attendees in Event Dialog with only common name should have email address as tooltip


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I came across this when converting an Email to a Task. I was set as an Attendee and the Full name was known to Thunderbird, therefore the link text was just my full name. To see the email its possible to click on the link and look for it in the dropdown, but it would be good if additionally the email would be shown as a tooltip for the link.
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Summary: Attendees in Event Dialog with only common name should have Email as tooltip → Attendees in Event Dialog with only common name should have email address as tooltip
Component: General → Dialogs
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Does this release already solve this bug?
Likely not, afaik no code was changed to fix this.
Hi. I'd like to work on this bug. I can see two ways of doing it. Either have an event handler for onmouseover event to construct a string of email addresses, or the tooltip can be built when the interface is loaded. I think the latter one would be a better choice?
Also, to clarify, only the email addresses of the attendees that have common name should be shown in the tooltip?
Hi BZ, thanks for your interest in working on this!

This may just be a matter of setting the tooltiptext="..." attribute on given nodes. 

Otherwise, you'll need to add a <tooltip id="foo" onpopupshowing="setupBlabla(event)"> element to the dialog, then set tooltip="foo" on the corresponding nodes. Then implement the function setupBlabla to make sure the tooltip contains the right things.

If you need help setting up the build environment or anything else, please feel free to email me directly.
Assignee: nobody → vampireb
Attached patch Proposed patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
First proposed patch.
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Proposed patch

Great work, exactly what I expected! While you're changing things here, I have a few optional things you could help with. None of this is your fault, just a few things that I noticed while looking at the whole function:

* I like the approach with using an array and then joining much better than what was there before. Could you do the same for attendeeNames?

* We're transitioning from using var to using let. Could you change all "var" with "let" in all of function updateAttendees() ?

* "regexp" is a poor variable name since the RegExp object is also being used. Maybe it could be renamed to emailRE or such?

Let me know if you're willing to fix these issues, otherwise I'll check in your patch as is. Thanks again for your patch!
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Revision of the first patch

- Added tooltiptext attribute to 'attendee-list' label.
- Generate tooltip text with 'CommonName<Email>' format in 'updateAttendees' function.
- Replace 'var' with 'let' in updateAttendees function.
- Use 'attendeeNames' variable as an array instead of a string.
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Revision of the first patch

Looks good, r=philipp
I'll check this in today, as soon as I have real internet.
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