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Thunderbird Preferences/Certificates tab buttons wrap strangely


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Thunderbird 3.0b1


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version 3.0a1pre (2008031303)

In the "Thunderbird Preferences" window, on the Advanced button, on the Certificates tab, there are 4 buttons.  The first 3 buttons show up on one line, and the 4th shows up on a different line.  

I think they are supposed to be on the same line.
They only wrap because the labels are longer than what will fit on one line in the default size - on platforms that allow resizing the pref dialog, you can just widen it bigger than any other tab or pane needs, and get them on one line.

Since the prettiness win doesn't trump the benefit of familiar labels we get by having them the same as Fx, and Fx isn't likely to be changing strings at this point, about all we could do is to decide that (for every locale, whether they need it or not or need it to not be) we'd rather force 2x2 (or even 4x1) always, instead for whatever happens to fit.

(Unless, of course, "Validation" is just enough smaller than "Verification" for your default font, in which case once we pick up Fx's change for that button label, you'll be set.)
Though perhaps we could skip the 23px of class="indent" and use more vertical separation from the description, instead.

Or make the pane less alien and more like the rest of the prefs, with <label flex="1"> <button>, but that would require someone managing to write six to eight word descriptions of things like CRLs and "Security Devices."
And in fact, the indent got in my way in bug 431819, so I'm sort of accidentally fixing this there.
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Or, not.
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It's only really pretty on OS X, but there's not a lot of pretty that can be managed for a panel with nothing but four buttons, and it at least gets rid of the "here's a label that repeats the text of the buttons below it."
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Fix v.1

this looks like a good step forward. The label is pretty useless and I'd rather see the layout improved. Next we should start thinking of an overall better presentation for this page
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Fix v.1

Yup. One step in the right direction. r=mkmelin
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