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mockup of thunderbird reacting to the first click on a new newsgroup account

In recently setting up a number of new news group accounts for thunderbird I noticed an area I think could be improved some.  When you subscribe to a new news group and focus on that news group in the mail view you are asked how many headers you'd like to download in a dialog.  You are offered to download 500 (editable) or all headers.

I'd like to change this first interaction to be more automatic.  I have a mockup I'll attach of how I think this could look, but here are the steps.

1) On focus of the newly subscribed news group automatically download the first 100 [1] headers
2) Display an inline message telling people "Thunderbird downloaded the first 100 messages" [2]
3) In the inline message offer two options for downloading all the headers or opening a dialog to download a specific amount of headers. [3]

These steps give the same behavior as the current system, however they get the person started with the news group faster.  By the fact that we know the person subscribed to the news group means they probably want to read the messages and thus need the message headers.  Asking them for an exact amount of headers is misaligned with most peoples goals.  

Most behaviors with subscribing to a new news group are likely related to recent discussions, specific discussion(s), or all discussions.  I think these can be approached from getting recent headers and getting all headers with decent search over the headers.

A persons ability to download a specific number of headers is still available in the "Download More..." button which would bring up a dialog very similar to the current dialog.

A persons ability to download all the headers is still made available via the "Download All" button which would grab all the headers and download them immediately.

[1] I selected the first 100 headers through a non-scientific method of guessing what a good number would be.  By using a number of different factors like size of download and average number of downloads a better number could be arrived at. 

[2] "Thunderbird downloaded the first 100 messages" is ok, but could use a little help.  The key elements of the message would be -tell the person what just happened- and "Thunderbird downloaded the last 100 messages" might make more sense.  Comments?

[3] The wording and action of the two buttons need some thought.  I included the Download All button because I'm assuming it's an action that is carried out by enough people that we'd want to bring it up front.  If it were possible to include the max number of message headers that might be helpful as well in this button.  "Download All (2300)".  

For "Download More..." We're trying to give the option to download a specific set of headers in case there are a large number of them.  Right now I think we can easily open the current dialog which allows a person to download a specific number of messages more than they have.  The wording here of "Download More..." might not be effective enough, so I hope people have suggestions.  

Some alternate suggestions to the "Download More..." could even go with having a button for "Download 500 More" or other changes in the interaction model.


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10 years ago
Not that I don't think this is a good idea... :)

But I need to clean up the wanted list, if anyone wants to work on this one it's not too difficult to move the dialog around into an info bar.
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