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Please modify SVN account access for kneedham@mozilla.com



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10 years ago
8 years ago


(Reporter: kev, Assigned: justdave)





10 years ago
Please modify my SVN account such that I have modify access to the directories below. This access is requested so that I can make changes to files related to the eBay Companion files as new versions are added/released. eBay is releasing a new version tomorrow, and I need to get a few changes in to the download.html files (changing the firefox bundles from to ASAP. 


Thanks much.

pkim, approval?

Kev, I can make changes for you if you need something asap...
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10 years ago
Thanks, Reed.

I sent Rolo and Slater email, so they may have already made the changes. It's changing the download.html in each of those directories such that the fx2 installers are renamed to (similar to the en-US file, which I had access to and changed).

ok, dropping this to normal so that IT doesn't get paged since you got what you needed done already.
Severity: critical → normal

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10 years ago

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10 years ago
hey folks,

slater wasn't comfortable making the changes, which I totally understand. resetting the bug to critical now that pkim has approved, and I'll make the changes and get slater to push.

thanks, and as usual, sorry for the hassle.

Severity: normal → critical
(In reply to comment #0)
> /mozilla/www/mozilla.com/trunk/de/add-ons/ebay/ 
> /mozilla/www/mozilla.com/trunk/en-GB/add-ons/ebay/ 
> /mozilla/www/mozilla.com/trunk/fr/add-ons/ebay/ 

Just clarifying the actual paths for authz addition:


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10 years ago
ebay's launching these tomorrow, so raising to blocker. apologies, I had
thought my account already had access to these pages until I tried to modify
them this aft.

(sorry for the paths, cut and paste from an older ticket - whoops)
Severity: critical → blocker
Assignee: server-ops → justdave
Done.  Existing permissions were already in place for the same path under en-US, just cloned those and fixed the language codes.
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10 years ago
Thanks Dave, and sorry to bug you so late. Much appreciated.

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10 years ago
Verified, and changes made. I'll ask Slater to push. Thanks again.
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8 years ago
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