small gaps show up in Arabic text at large sizes




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testcase, small  1px gaps show in Arabic text

When rendered at large sizes, small gaps show up in Arabic text.  The attached testcase shows this for huge text but the problem occurs at sizes even as small as 36pt.  There consistently seems to be a 1px white gap between some of the glyphs, this spacing doesn't change when shrinking and enlarging the text.

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screenshot, shows gaps in Arabic text


10 years ago
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This is a long-time OS or font bug.  It happens in TextEdit, too (or at least pre-CoreText TextEdits; I'm not at the right Mac right now to check 10.5 atm). It's really a shame, since DecoType Naskh is such a lovely face; I just try not to use it for screen matter intended for large sizes (the gaps go away when printed).
Yeah, I see this in Safari 3 and TextEdit on 10.5, too.  My guess is there's nothing we can do about it (though I'd of course love to be proven wrong if someone had a lot of free time ;) ).
Is this just with that particular font?  If so, I'd minus this (and possibly set a different default font), because it sounds like it's an OS/font level issue.
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> Is this just with that particular font?  

Yes (or at least it is for me).

> If so, I'd minus this (and possibly set a different default font),

It's only the default for the "cursive" style, so I don't think that's much of an issue; 99.99999% of users won't see this problem.

Yeah, -'ing.. would be nice to special-case this font if we can figure out the right workaround in the future.
Flags: wanted-next+
Flags: blocking1.9?
Flags: blocking1.9-

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10 years ago
Yeah, this doesn't need to block if it's really an underlying font/system problem.  When we have time we can dig into a little more and log a bug with Apple to try and get it fixed on their end.
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