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mailto: links should open in Gmail if you are already logged into Gmail


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When you click on a mailto: link on the web, if you are currently logged into Gmail in another tab, Fx should take you to the Gmail compose URL to quickly compose a new email to the mailto link you clicked.

(Yes, in some rare cases, users won't want this.  But in those cases, users could right-click the link > Copy Email Address; then they could open another mail client and paste in the address.  But most of the time, for Gmail users, the right choice is to take them to Gmail.)

Reproducible: Always
Do you realize how dangerous this is ? This means that you give gmail (= a website) permission to intercept data from other websites (here, the mailto links). That can never be a general purpose mechanism. Don't forget that gmail is just a website for Firefox, not an application or handler.

In the meantime, you can use the Gmail 2 Extension at <>. You also need the Greasemonkey extesnion for this to work.
There is room to improve the discoverability of the web-handlers feature in Firefox 3.  It might even make sense to ship URLs for a few major webmail providers with Firefox.  But automatically guessing that you want to use Gmail seems a bit extreme.  

(It appears that bug 402771 made "mailto:" not prompt by default; I'm not sure why that decision was made.)
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