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Hope this is one bug and not multiple. The Save Page As, Save Frame As, and Print dialogs should be modal-dialogs and sheets, not modeless windows, in accordance with several descriptions of Apple's Leopard interface guidlines (linked above)
1 "A modal dialog for an activity that is specific to a particular document, such as saving or printing." 
With modeless dialog, a user could open the Print dialogue, 
2 "A sheet is a modal dialog . . . ensuring that the user never loses track of which window the dialog applies to.
Currently, a user can change windows or tabs and the dialogs remain, confusing which file the dialog actually applies to. Also just annoying if a user wants 

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Save or Print dialog on any page or file and dialog appears.
2. Without dismissing the dialog, change tab or window.
3. Edit the page, either the original or a different tab or window. Eg, enter text in a bugzilla form or click a link. Error beep sounds as if Fx disallows it, but Fx will. May need to click twice to set the focus.
4. Use the Navigation or Bookmark toolbar; eg, back, forward, open bookmark. Again, may need to click twice.
5. Access the Main Menu. Menus are pulled down and given focus when clicked, but action doesn't followed thru. Happens on original window and all windows.
Actual Results:  
A modeless dialog box appears that overlays every document window and allows documents to be edited. Dialogs that apply to one page/file appear over every page/file. Main menu can be accessed, but Fx doesn't run a clicked menu item. Error beeps occur on user input clicks even for actions that are carried out.

Expected Results:  
A dialog overlays the current window and prevents editing. Menu items either disappear or some are disabled (like Save As) and some enabled (like Add-ons) and actually work. When switching to another window, the dialog stays with the original window; it's obvious to the user the page can be manipulated; the Main Menu can be used as usual. Error beeps only happen an action does not happen.

Similar to bug 136422, but I'm pretty sure it's different; follow for conversation. It seems concerning that bug, modal sheets had been taken too far. Maybe when that was addressed, sheets that should have stayed as sheets were throw out with the bath water. Compare to save dialogs in Apple's own apps - Safari, TextEdit, etc - where modal sheets are used for the exact same dialogs. I believe this was the Fx 2 behavior as well.

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8 years ago
I believe this is a duplicate of bug 122126.

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Per policy at If this bug is not an enhancement request or a bug not present in a supported release of Firefox, then it may be reopened.
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