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disable gnome bug-buddy dialog from runtests


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When mochitests crash, I get the gnome bug-buddy dialog.  For an automated run, the run sits there until it times out.  runtests should disable it like does.
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I backed out the changes because... it made firefox crash and turned tinderbox orange.  Or hang.  Or cause a test to time out.  It's hard to know really since we don't get any feedback.  Anyway, the change is still in and I have trouble caring about the perl version.
Is there any reason the same problem wouldn't affect the tinderboxes if they switch to ?
No.  The whole thing doesn't make sense, but my guess would be that firefox (or gtk, which is the thing that would actually look at the environment variable) has some sort of problem with the variable set.  Someone that sees the bug (mconnor said that yosh also saw a hang) needs to diagnose the problem -- the tests run fine for me.
So you're leaving the .py version checked in with a hang that will force some people to switch to the .pl version unless they know that this is the issue and know how to debug it?
It's likely nightly users are already hitting a similar problem since sets the same environment variable.  The point of the mochitest framework is to find bugs.  We found one.  Changing the framework to avoid bugs seems like the wrong solution.

Backing out the patch for .py means that anyone that hits a crash will get the bug buddy dialog and spend their evening trying to figure out why, like I did.
Ah, I didn't realize this was something already sets.

That said, if we want to test, why aren't we using it?
It seems we don't use it pretty consistently for tinderbox ( always invokes appname-bin directly).  The only reason I can think of off-hand would be that invoking (or the firefox/seamonkey startup script) would make it more complicated to kill a runaway process.
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