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Use a (light) background color to identify patches instead of a 2px border




10 years ago
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Following the 2008-03-29 bmo upgrade, patches are now identified by a 2px border on their cells in the attachment table.  The idea is good, but there are a couple of drawbacks to the implementation:

1) It looks odd visually when 1px cells join 2px cells
2) If you have a lot of patches (>2?) on a bug, the table/patches sections start to look very "heavy" (lots of black!)
3) On bugs like bug 235853, Gavin notes that you "need to look at the right or left edges to identify the patch"

A light background color could also identify patches easily but shouldn't have the same drawbacks as the 2px border does.


10 years ago
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Eep. Yes, the differing borders need to go. They make looking at the attachments table painful when patches and non-patches alternate. I think a light background color would work a lot better.

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10 years ago
Background coloring is already used for the insidergroup. We could perhaps switch this to making the insidergroup a light red border and patches have a light background color instead, if that works.

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10 years ago
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patch - v1

This makes patches have a background of #ffffcc and private attachments have a border-color of #f3eeee. How's that sound?
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10 years ago
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.bz_private also affects comments, so you won't want to do that.

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10 years ago
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patch - v2

Ok, Jesse mentioned just setting the background on bz_patch and leaving bz_private alone. Since bz_private is after bz_patch in global.css, it wins, so it will used instead. This has the effect of not making private patches use the bz_patch color, but Jesse said there are only two such "private patches" on bmo currently anyway, so it didn't seem like a huge loss. I think we should go with this...
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10 years ago
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patch - v2

This one has my vote. If someone doesn't like this background color, they can easily edit their chrome/userContent.css file and add a new one.
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10 years ago
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modified skins/standard/global.css
Committed revision 5182.
This is deployed to production now.
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10 years ago
I would like to be the first to say: that yellow is a hideous, hideous color. I was thinking maybe we could go with a pale pastel green or something. (I don't know how that'd look against the blue links, though.)
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