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IT is now handling Talos Tier1 support (very cool!), in addition to Tinderbox Tier1 support. I believe having this component would make it easier for people reporting talos outages to file bugs correctly.

We are creating component also, so any Talos bugs that need escalating to us can go to ReleaseEngineering:Talos. 

Talked to mrz, who asked me to file this bug so it appears in Monday's IT group meeting. If this is ok, feel free to morph this into "Bugzilla: Keywords & Components" bug.
How about just renaming "Server Operations: Tinderbox Maintenance" to "Server Operations: Tinderbox/Talos Maintenance" ?... but really, I don't see the point of another Server Ops component that just might confuse more people. I think people understand that for tier 1 support, they should file a blocker bug under "Server Operations: Tinderbox Maintenance" for any tier 1 machine. As far as I can tell, that's worked pretty well so far...

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10 years ago
really depends on if there will be different escalation paths and different components on the build side - we should map to each other I think...
I think it would be best to avoid adding another component for this if possible.
People already have a hard enough time figuring out which component they have to file in when reporting Tinderbox problems, and having to distinguish "tinderbox" vs. "talos" (when both appear on what most people call "tinderbox") won't make that any easier.
What I was trying to do here was sort out a place for people to file urgent Tier1 support bugs. This used to be tinderbox machines, but recently expanded to also includes buildbot and now Talos machines. Currently, if someone wants to file a tier1 support bug about talos, they have to file the bug under "ServerOps:Tinderbox Maintenance"; to me that seems odd, and could make them file elsewhere, like "ReleaseEngineering:Talos" which means the bug would not be reacted to quickly...

What about renaming the existing "ServerOperations: Tinderbox Maintenance" to something like "ServerOperations: Tier1 Support" (or similar)?

(gavin - totally agree with your "too many components" comment. Honestly, I'm not sure whats the best approach that addresses my concern above - and it could easily be "INVALID - John just needs to trust that its not a problem"!)
I think what's running on the client (buildbot/talos/tinderbox/etc) only really matters to the people who keep the machines running - they all end up reporting to the tinderbox server, and the page people refer to as "tinderbox", so I don't think having "tinderbox" in the component name is that confusing. If you're really concerned, how about just renaming it to something like "Server Operations - Tinderbox/Talos"?
I think the point Gavin was trying to make is that outside of the build engineering folks, nobody really knows what the difference is between a tinderbox and buildbot and a talos box.  They all show up on the waterfall at, so to most people they're all just tinderboxes.  Except for the exceptionally clueful among them, er, nevermind, Gavin just said all that (just got the bugmail).  Submitting this anyway since I spent too long typing it. :)

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10 years ago
I want to keep Talos/tinderbox/build tickets separate, so just calling it tier 1 support is not going to work.  If you want to combine tinderbox component with talos and rename to something that encompasses both, that's fine.

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10 years ago
Changing QA Contact.
QA Contact: justin → mrz

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10 years ago
Haven't seen any traffic on this for months - any resolution or can I close this?
seems closable to me.
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