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re-ordering *.so during buildtime to allow direct binary launching


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Currently, BeOS and it's kin launch all Mozilla products through a shell script, which in turn loads the binary.

These patches:
 re-arrange the location of certain *.so and *.so.stubs into $(DIST)/bin/add-ons and $(DIST)/bin/lib
 remove the unnecessary shell script
 remove "-bin" from the binary's filename
browser/installer/ needed updating to recognize the new location of those files. 

These changes allow direct binary launching and maintain the ability to successfully package builds.  So far, no observable side effects have been noticed.

Patches to follow...

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Attached patch changes for NSSSplinter Review
Attached patch remainder of changes (obsolete) — Splinter Review
note: this patch does not update XULRunner.   That patch will be posted later and will make this one obsolete.
Attached patch updated- remainder of changes (obsolete) — Splinter Review
xulrunner is now included.
a stray elif in was rewritten as an else ifeq --- endif.

note: this patch includes
Attachment #312507 - Attachment is obsolete: true
attachment id=312554 also includes the changes needed for XULRunner to compile in BeOS.

Should that section be removed and filed as a seperate bug?
> xulrunner is now included.
> a stray elif in was rewritten as an else ifeq --- endif.
I think it should  be a separate bug. Also, please change the StorageKit include to the individual includes that are needed only. StorageKit includes a lot of things that is not needed there and which may be cause for extra work. (For instance when switching compiler). 
for reference, unrelated XULRunner code has been moved to:

I'll update the gecko patch soon enough.
unrelated XULRunner code has been removed.

on a side note, do the NSS Signed files ( libfreebl3.chk and libsoftokn3.chk ) need to be in the same directory as their *.so counterparts?
Attachment #312554 - Attachment is obsolete: true
in my manual reorderings, the .chk files work if left in the main level directory even if the .so counterparts are moved.  I have not tried moving them.
I'd like to see this work completed. Anything stopping this?
On R5, these patches really put the pinch on beos's 32mb add-on space.
As such, I personally do not want this as default, especially for R5/bone/5.1
Haiku on the other hand is a different story and is on my TO-DO.
Yes, starting to do this with Haiku is a good comprimise.
biggest thing stopping is probably me, not testing!  I have several things backed up for testing that I'll try to get to soon.  mmadia, I believe tqh has build patches made that allow haiku to be identified as separate from BeOS/BONE.  Once those are in place, it might be possible to reorder on Haiku but not others.
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