Firefox 3 crashes with Java applets




11 years ago
11 years ago


(Reporter: kbrussel, Assigned: alfred.peng)



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11 years ago
It was discovered yesterday that recent Firefox 3 builds on Solaris/SPARC are crashing with the new Java Plug-In. At this point we do not know whether this is reproducible on all Unix platforms, just Solaris, or just Solaris on the SPARC architecture. The crash began occurring some time after March 18. The March 18 build works fine. The March 26 and current nightly build crash. There have been no changes to the Java Plug-In that would provoke such a crash. The current build of the new Java Plug-In can be downloaded from .

The Sun bug ID for this issue is 6682554:

Here is the stack trace from the core file:

(dbx) where
current thread: t@1
=>[1] __lwp_kill(0x0, 0xffffffff, 0x0, 0xff342a00, 0xfff7, 0x0), at 0xff0cab10 
  [2] raise(0xb, 0xffbfdd40, 0x0, 0x0, 0xfffffffc, 0x1), at 0xff07926c 
  [3] nsProfileLock::FatalSignalHandler(0xb, 0x2227ec, 0x6d0dc, 0x28, 0xfe9cff74, 0xfd5484c0), at 0xfd5486d8 
  [4] call_chained_handler(0xb, 0x2babf90, 0xffbfe2c0, 0xffbfe008, 0x2babf88, 0xf2632000), at 0xf2420b5c 
  [5] JVM_handle_solaris_signal(0xb, 0xffbfe2c0, 0xffbfe008, 0x1, 0x325e000, 0xfec618bc), at 0xf218b0b4 
  [6] __sighndlr(0xb, 0xffbfe2c0, 0xffbfe008, 0xf218a790, 0x0, 0x0), at 0xff0c5fa8 
  ---- called from signal handler with signal 11 (SIGSEGV) ------
  [7] PL_strncasecmp(0x2, 0xfe96a4ff, 0x10, 0xfe9cff74, 0xfff96ebc, 0x10000), at 0xfec618bc 
  [8] nsPluginNativeWindowGtk2::CanGetValueFromPlugin(0xfff9a545, 0x2c00, 0xfe96a4b9, 0x80000000, 0xfe9cff74, 0xfe016840), at 0xfe01f5b0 
  [9] nsPluginNativeWindowGtk2::CallSetWindow(0x41a42e0, 0xffbfe5a4, 0x0, 0x4, 0x41a42e0, 0xffbfe5a4), at 0xfe01f01c 
  [10] nsPluginHostImpl::InstantiateEmbeddedPlugin(0xce53c0, 0x145a8d0, 0x41a2108, 0x41a4040, 0x1, 0xffbfe624), at 0xfe007fd0 
  [11] nsObjectFrame::InstantiatePlugin(0x419f4d0, 0xce53c4, 0x145a8d0, 0x41a2108, 0x1360760, 0x4183620), at 0xfd828e14 
  [12] nsObjectFrame::Instantiate(0x419f4fc, 0x145a8d0, 0x41a2108, 0x80000000, 0x0, 0x419f4d0), at 0xfd82a82c 
  [13] nsObjectLoadingContent::Instantiate(0x41a1eb8, 0x419f4f8, 0xfebeb21c, 0xfd833454, 0x3400, 0x1), at 0xfd9f7bf4 
  [14] nsAsyncInstantiateEvent::Run(0x1456bd8, 0x1456be8, 0xfeb47584, 0x419f4f8, 0x419f4f8, 0x4183620), at 0xfd9f2024 
  [15] nsThread::ProcessNextEvent(0x6e3f0, 0x1, 0xffbfe9dc, 0x1, 0x6e408, 0x1), at 0xfe2c9b78 
  [16] NS_ProcessNextEvent_P(0xfe2c9a24, 0x1, 0xfebe9c8c, 0x50d4, 0x759ac0, 0x6e3f0), at 0xfe276454 
  [17] nsBaseAppShell::Run(0x3dc288, 0x1, 0x0, 0x6e3f0, 0x0, 0x0), at 0xfe1716e4 
  [18] nsAppStartup::Run(0xfe1716a4, 0xfebb7060, 0x1, 0xfebe5a88, 0x0, 0x424860), at 0xfdf55dd8 
  [19] XRE_main(0xfea3c3cc, 0xffbfeef8, 0xffbfef24, 0xffbfef4c, 0xfdf55da4, 0xffbfef7c), at 0xfd53fc8c 
  [20] main(0x1, 0xffbff0ac, 0xfffeff10, 0x22130, 0x43cb8, 0xffbff044), at 0x11b50

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11 years ago
Created attachment 313328 [details] [diff] [review]
patch v1

The new Java Plug-In doesn't pass the plugin description to Firefox. We need to initialize the value properly in Firefox side to avoid this crash. Anyway, this is also a bug for Java.
Assignee: nobody → alfred.peng
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11 years ago
shouldn't you rv check pluginFactory->GetValue?
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patch v1

r+sr=jst either with or w/o checking rv as well.
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Attachment #313328 - Flags: review?(jst)
Attachment #313328 - Flags: review+

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11 years ago
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patch v1

This patch is quite safe. Ask for 1.9.
Attachment #313328 - Flags: approval1.9?
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patch v1

a1.9+=damons.  JST claims it's totally safe and completely untestable.
Attachment #313328 - Flags: approval1.9? → approval1.9+

Comment 6

11 years ago
Checking in modules/plugin/base/src/nsPluginNativeWindowGtk2.cpp;
/cvsroot/mozilla/modules/plugin/base/src/nsPluginNativeWindowGtk2.cpp,v  <--  nsPluginNativeWindowGtk2.cpp
new revision: 1.12; previous revision: 1.11

Last Resolved: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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