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Check region/languageNames for untranslated strings


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I agree, Robert, would you want to take this bug?
I don't think I have time for this right now, sorry.
Alright, this is free for whoeever wants to contribute then, as I also won't have the time.
Attached patch patch v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review was localized with checkin for bug 455749.

For the patch I updated _mostly_ [1] according to ISO 639-2/B / the German names mentioned in sprachencodes_dt.pdf from Deutsche Nationalbibliothek [2], which was linked from Wikipedia.
There are some inconsistencies though:
a) Sometimes we use the suffix "-Sprache", sometimes we don't. If the policy is that we're following the ISO notation, then I think "-Sprache" has to be added several times ("Pedi" etc.).

b) "Mazedonisch" and "Oromo" aren't correct according to the .pdf, but the wikipedia entries mention reasons why these names should be preferred. How to decide this?

Feedback welcome.

[1] Not always. Example: Shall we use "Lalo-Sprache" instead of "Sichuan Yi"?
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a) I think we should follow the ISO notation
b) Let's go with the preferred ones.
Attached patch patch v2Splinter Review
Updated patch.
Where the language names don't match the ones in the .pdf mentioned above, this is because
- of good reasons, IIUC ("Mazedonisch", "Oromo")
- I can't find those names anywhere else and so am not sure (ii: "Lalo-Sprache"? ht: "Haïtien"? nd: "Ndebele-Sprache <Simbabwe>"? nr:"Ndebele-Sprache <Transvaal>"?)

But maybe we can live with these nits, so requesting review.
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patch v2

Same procedure as in another bug some days ago: Here are additional review requests to our toolkit peers to make some progress with further discussion or even checkin.
Alex, if you want to have a request too, please tell me. ;-) I just wasn't sure because of L10n:Teams:de on wiki.m.o.
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This is much better than what we have right now, so you have my r+ :) Thanks a lot for taking on this work, Robert. I know it's not the most interesting one, but I'm glad we have a consistent vocabulary now.
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Pushed to central, aurora and beta after talking to Kadir on IRC:
Closed: 13 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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