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Yandex suggests callgirls and porn


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Yandex suggest feature proposes "порно порно видео"(porn porn video) as a top suggestion for "пор", and "девочки по вызову"(callgirls) as a suggestion for "дев".

AFAIK that violates mozilla policy on suggesting things.

That affects bug 419019 and russian bug 426566, bug 408880
thanks for pointing this out. 
axel noticed this as we were reviewing ukrainian yandex plug-in. in any case we would like to work on a proper policy to address this and so we can point yandex and others to it. this will likely happen post RC1 deadlines ;) i have this on my radar and will address before 3.0.1
See also bug 355074. We don't have a "mozilla policy" on what search providers can return for suggestions, and I don't think we really need one. If you object to their results you should take it up with them. You can remove the engine if you don't want its results to appear in Firefox.
gavin, don't we have a safe search type policy we want to apply?
Yandex have resource for children: . 
(In reply to comment #3)
> gavin, don't we have a safe search type policy we want to apply?

I'm not sure what you mean. I think it's fine to suggest to the search provider that they add a filter to their suggestion results, but I don't think is the right place to make that suggestion (the people who can implement those changes are unlikely to be watching!). We aren't going to be addressing this problem by making any changes to Firefox, right? It's not clear what outcome Tim was expecting when he filed this bug.

Comment 0 implies that this behavior is in violation of a Mozilla policy, and I was just pointing out that that isn't the case. If people think there should be an additional requirement on search engines bundled with Firefox that all suggestions be filtered to be "safe", then that discussion should be had separately. Personally I think that would be a bad idea.
Axel asked me to file this bug. I would be happy just to see all sides come to some agreement on this topic.

<tymofiy> so, (provider) does not filter search suggestions
<Pike> we expect search providers to do so.
<Pike> not sure if that's clearly communicated, but finding porn is different to suggesting porn
<Pike> offending content should not be suggested
<Pike> 'je' should not yield 'killing jews
<tymofiy> Pike: Yandex ranks callgirls even higher than meta in short girl-related searches :)
<tymofiy> actually first place.
<Pike>	ohoh
<Pike>	tymofiy: file a bug on that, CC me and mic, and I guess we have bugzilla IDs for the right folks at yandex, too?
Actually, in the case of yandex, the people in charge do read our bugs.

That's why I asked Tim to file one. I do recall that we were concerned about the content suggestions offered for fx2, and I think that was right.

I know that we don't have a policy for that written out anywhere, still I don't think it's cool for Fx to ship search suggest plugins which suggest too much content that is arguable.

I don't think this has something to do with censorship, btw, as we're not asking search engines to restrict their findings to a particular breed of content, so folks searching for hookers should find them. It's just that if you're typing "ho" because you want to search for a house, getting hookers as suggestion might not be the best user experience.

Reminds me of tristan showing of the search suggest feature and getting "tristan nitot naked", thanks to some stuff that glazou had put on the net. IIRC.
With Dmitry Alekseev's help the issue was found to be invalid. The offending lines were actually search history showing above the search suggestions. 

Currently Yandex does not provide arguable suggestions except cases when they are highly relevant.

Closing this Yandex bug for now as suggested in #2. Looking forward to see the policy on those things published on wiki.
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Attached image screenshot of the case
Tim, in this screenshot "девочки по вызову" is in the suggestions part, below the horizontal line which separates search history from suggestions...
Yes, that was why I closed the bug, and explained that in #8.
as for "callgirls" actually appearing in results when four letters of word девочки(girls) entered, one must note that "nigger jokes" appear in Google for "nig".
This can be checked independent of the UI:дево
["дево", ["девочки", "девальвация", "девочка", "девочки.ру", "девочки по вызову", "девочки фото", "девочки дианочки", "девочки ру", "девочка дианочка", "девочка с персиками"]]

Resolution: INVALID → ---
Also one must note that Google Suggestion for Russian 'дев' and 'дево' yields much more numerous and obscene queries.дев :
["дев",["девушки 18+","девстница фото","девушка","девчонки","девушки на пляже","девушки красивые","девушка дня","девочку пустили по кругу","девелопмент","девизы"]]дево :
["дево",["девочку пустили по кругу","девочке 10 лет","девочек-подростков","девочку раздели","девочку на ночь","девок.нет","девочку","девочке грозит пожизненный срок за снятое на телефон видео","девок нет","девочку имеют"]]

For Ukrainian 'дев' results are decent, for 'дево' there is none.
Tim, is is still the case? Yandex will get more exposed in Firefox and we should be aware of this issue.
(In reply to comment #15)
> Tim, is is still the case? Yandex will get more exposed in Firefox and we
> should be aware of this issue.

I'm confirm that Yandex didn't suggest "bad" content now:

["дево", ["девочки", "девочки.ру", "девочки сверху", "девальвация", "девочка", "девочки модели", "девочки эмо", "девочки онлайн", "девочки москвы", "девочки дианочки"]]

all of this is more than appropriate, especially if compare with google results (as in #14).
I went to and typed


(with no quotation marks)

I copied the following search suggestions, which are the top 10 suggestions:

девочки, девочки.ру, девочки сверху, девальвация, девочка, девочки модели, девочки эмо, девочки онлайн, девочки москвы, девочки дианочки

And, then I used Google Translate to provide me with these results:

girls, girls top, devaluation, girl, girl model, Emo girls, girls online, girls moscow girls dianochki.

Basically, it looks exactly the same as Konstantin's remarks in comment 16.
I confirm that currently no word-part that comes to my mind returns unexpected obscene queries. 

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Tim, Konstantin -- thanks for looking into this. It's important to have ayour evaluation in cases like this. 

Seth, thanks for providing translations, too. Very helpful for non-Russian speakers.
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