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Allow Sync of Installed extensions


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If an extension is installed on one machine it should be available on the others if it is compatible with their platform.

Because of Binary elements to extensions, potential licensing issues and server storage requirements this could be achieved by only storing a list of extensions and their xpi download location. If a new extension is added to the list weave could parse the install.rdf to determine compatibility and then ask the user if they want to install the extension on the current machine (with a no and don't ask again option).
This is similar to syncing themes.  Targeting for 0.3.
Priority: -- → P2
Target Milestone: -- → 0.3
These bugs need to be triaged, removing 0.3 milestone setting.
Target Milestone: 0.3 → Future
Component: Weave → General
Product: Mozilla Labs → Weave
QA Contact: weave → general
Component: General → Sync
QA Contact: general → sync
Depends on: 506864
And if the extension is installed but disabled, you run into a problem with an extension that's installed on multiple instances, but disabled on one/few.  If the able-state is stored on the list, a decision tree needs to be put into place.

How that decision tree would play out, I'm not quite sure.  If you have multiple instances, and two are enabled, you can't very well mark it as disabled on the list, because then the two enabled instances can't sync versions with each other; and, you can't mark it as enabled, because the locally disabled would be re-installed as enabled.  AFAIK, there is no option for extensions to "install as disabled."

I suppose the first thought would be, if the local is disabled, don't add it to the general list.  But, if it was at one point enabled, it gets on the list, then it gets disabled, and stays on the list.
Blocks: 530399
Work is being done in bug 534956.
Closed: 15 years ago
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Component: Firefox Sync: Backend → Sync
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