crash-stats aborting request when trying to generate week's report for a signature



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I'm trying to see what's been happening with js_GetGCThingTraceKind crashes recently, since they spiked at some point after b5, but this URL just gives me "server reset connection" after a long wait.

It worked before (I took it from a bugzilla comment), though I don't now how recently.
Not sure if why this is happening, but I see this error in the logs.

Report['dump']: <type 'unicode'>
Error - exceptions.AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'strftime'
URL: http://localhost:5000/status
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/Paste-1.4-py2.4.egg/paste/exceptions/', line 135 in __call__
  app_iter = self.application(environ, start_response)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/AuthKit-0.3.0pre5-py2.4.egg/authkit/authenticate/', line 45 in __call__
  app_iter = app(environ, start_response)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/AuthKit-0.3.0pre5-py2.4.egg/authkit/authenticate/', line 29 in app
  return self.default(environ, find)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/AuthKit-0.3.0pre5-py2.4.egg/authkit/authenticate/', line 419 in __call__
  return, start_response)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/AuthKit-0.3.0pre5-py2.4.egg/authkit/authenticate/', line 86 in __call__
  return, authkit_start_response)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/Paste-1.4-py2.4.egg/paste/', line 633 in __call__
  self.send_http_response, catch=HTTPException)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/Paste-1.4-py2.4.egg/paste/', line 225 in catch_errors_app
  app_iter = application(environ, start_response)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/PasteDeploy-1.3.1-py2.4.egg/paste/deploy/', line 164 in __call__
  app_iter = self.application(environ, start_response)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/Pylons-0.9.5-py2.4.egg/pylons/', line 261 in __call__
  return, start_response)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/Beaker-0.7.3-py2.4.egg/beaker/', line 175 in __call__
  return, start_response)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/Beaker-0.7.3-py2.4.egg/beaker/', line 388 in __call__
  response = self.wrap_app(environ, session_start_response)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/Routes-1.7-py2.4.egg/routes/', line 104 in __call__
  response =, start_response)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/Pylons-0.9.5-py2.4.egg/pylons/', line 84 in __call__
  response = self.dispatch(controller, environ, start_response)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/Pylons-0.9.5-py2.4.egg/pylons/', line 182 in dispatch
  return controller(environ, start_response)
File '/data/breakpad/pylons/socorro/lib/', line 33 in __call__
  return WSGIController.__call__(self, environ, start_response)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/Pylons-0.9.5-py2.4.egg/pylons/', line 214 in __call__
  response = self._dispatch_call()
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/Pylons-0.9.5-py2.4.egg/pylons/', line 161 in _dispatch_call
  response = self._inspect_call(func)
File '/home/reporter/python_extras/lib/Pylons-0.9.5-py2.4.egg/pylons/', line 135 in _inspect_call
  result = func(**args)
File '/data/breakpad/pylons/socorro/controllers/', line 27 in index
  c.lastProcessedDate = result[0].strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'strftime'
Assignee: server-ops → aravind
That looks like a bug on the status page, probably unrelated.
Err nm, I'm stupid.  Anyway, URL seems to work now...
One question - does it matter to you if it starts with or contains?  Starts with is faster, and won't kill the db as much.
Moving this to socorro, since fixing this for good will need other app changes, like aggregate tables etc (or so morgamic tells me).
Assignee: aravind → nobody
Component: Server Operations → Socorro
Product: → Webtools
QA Contact: justin → socorro
Second thought, it is more about smaller partition sizes and better date constraints -- since the modules table can't be put into a summary table due to the nature of the query.  But regardless, this is a socorro bug.
Target Milestone: --- → 0.6
(Needed contains instead of starts-with, because there were often random addresses in the top frame; there's a bug to strip those for classification, I think, which would help.)
shaver: you can do "one of the top 10 stack frames" "starts with".
But he just said he didn't want that.  I'm so confused.
Given his explanation in comment 8, I don't think he knows what he wants.
hah.  fair enough. <3
Sorry, I didn't realize that there were two ways to control what was searced for, and "stack signature" looked like what I wanted to search on, so I didn't bother clicking every drop-down on the page to see if there was something more specific.  I guess I'd have expected it to manifest as "contains in the first 10 (faster)" in the contains/starts-with/is-exactly drop-down, since it's a modification of "contains".  (Do people really use "stack signature -> is exactly"?  I wouldn't trust my copy-and-paste into that form to match it character for character, and it's not clear how to specify multiple frames in the field anyway.)
Right, our terminology is not great. "Stack Signature" is just the top frame of the crashing thread right now.
Also, I took "stack signature" -> "starts with" to mean "stack signature has this symbol as its first entry", not "has this string as a prefix of its entire value", because when people say "this stack starts with JS_Foo" they don't usually mean "it could be JS_Foolish".  Is that not what it means?

Mad-libs search UI isn't really my thing, I guess.
Just rename it to "Crashing function", then?

Comment 17

10 years ago
Stack Signature is a technical term and I'd assume we inheritted it from talkback:

I'm not sure how often you use it, but I think most people are familiar w/ at least Stack Signature meaning the top one frame.

Note that talkback uses "Begins with", which I happen to prefer over "starts with"

I'd prefer we not rename Stack Signature

I think that perhaps to avoid your problem we should borrow further from talkback and use radios instead of a <select> with the assumption that the default rendering of <select> will not show the other options and people will therefore neither see nor examine them.

Comment 18

10 years ago
Eventually, the stack signature will not necessarily be the top frame: if the top frame is very common (e.g. 0x0) but the second frame is unique, we may end up with a stack signature with both frames, or skip the top frame entirely.

The signature is intended to be pretty unique to a crash type, although we're only going for statistical generalizations not perfection.
Target Milestone: 0.6 → ---
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED


7 years ago
Component: Socorro → General
Product: Webtools → Socorro
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