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Revamped page: Edit Add-on: Edit Add-on Properties


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New page for editing add-on properties in Developer Tools revamp.
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This is a screenshot of the new Edit Properties page. It's for editing the default locale, icon, and flags. I'm wondering if a few other things like add-on name, homepage, support URL, and support email should be moved here as well. The page would be pretty long, but they seem to fit more under "Properties" than "Descriptions".
This is the admin section of the Edit Properties page that shows up if you're an admin. All of the special flags are now in one box, and a way to change an add-on's addontype has been added.
What do you think of adding a binary components flag to the first screen? Might help us if the add-on author clues us in to the fact that they've included some binary components. Also makes it easier for us to select the binary components as a group from the database.
Ok, I added a new binary components field and moved add-on name, homepage, support URL and support email to this page because I think it fits here better than "Edit Descriptions". The page is a bit longer now and I had to break into 2 screenshots.

If this looks good to everyone, I'll blog about it soon.
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Finished backend of this page and will be blogging about it tonight.

For access to the extra Admin Settings of this page, I created a new "fake action" Admin:ConfigureAnyAddon, as documented here:
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This bug has been fixed on the AMO 3.5 Developer Tools revamp branch and will go live when 3.5 is launched (date not currently set).

There is a staging site available here:
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Verified FIXED; tested this a while ago and just never marked it, 'cuz I'm lame like that.
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