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Microformats in a floated div are not displayed (they are hidden)


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Currently in the microformats code I use the box object or bounding rect to determine if a microformat is visible on the screen or not. In cases where a microformat is marked as a float left or right and has only block level children, that microformat is marked invisible even though its children are visible.

For the fix, I enumerate one level down to see if the children are visible.

I tried going through all descendants, but that impacted performance. This should cover most cases.
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shouldn't we be able to test this? Patches at this point in the release cycle absolutely must have tests.
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Here's the unit test
Sorry, I had simply forgotten to add the test.
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Unit test

Sorry, I didn't attach the unit test the first time.
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Fix checked in.
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Fix for problem - enumerate first level children's visibility

Microformats correctness
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Fix for problem - enumerate first level children's visibility

In order to reduce risk and minimize overhead for stability releases, we are not accepting "nice to have" patches in stability releases.  As 3.1 is fast approaching, this should not unduly impact time to get these fixes to users.
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This was fixed on trunk.
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