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Revise calIItipTransport::defaultIdentity


(Calendar :: E-mail based Scheduling (iTIP/iMIP), defect)

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(Followup from bug 428392 comment #27)

>     /**
>      * Default identity for me within this transport. For example, this is
>      * your default email address in Thunderbird.
>+     *
>+     * XXX This should probably go away, using the default identity is far
>+     * from practical. Only user right now is calUtils's sendItipInvitation
>      */
>     readonly attribute AUTF8String defaultIdentity;
Yeah, when sending an iTIP item we should probably ask the user what identity
to send the email from.  Note that this only has to be done when we generate a
REQUEST or PUBLISH ourselves (i.e. we are the organizer).  This is used as a
workaround for the fact that you can't set the organizer email address in the
event dialog.  However, there are some smart defaults or configuration settings
we could make so that the user could set up their preferred identity to use
when sending meeting requests.  Also, as long as our default behavior is to
show a compose dialog before sending, the user will have a chance to change the
Send From identity via that window.
Instead of asking the organizer each time he creates a new meeting request, you could let us specify the identity in each calendar's properties (and use Thunderbird's default identity unless the user changes it for certain calendars).
(In reply to comment #1)
Bug 431522 implements that.
Depends on: 431522
I think we could now suspend calIItipItem::defaultIdentity.
oops, calIItipTransport::defaultIdentity of course
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Removed defaultIdentity from the idl, the implementation from the CalDAV provider, and the getter from calItipEmailTransport.js.
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