Denying the opportunity of rendering public photos on spreadfirefox



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11 years ago
Would you please review the attached patch which adds code to the flickr module to check for flickr users that should be denied the opportunity of rendering their tagged public photos on spreadfirefox

This patch would need to be pushed later with the  following table ..

CREATE TABLE `flickr_denied` (
  `nsid` varchar(64) NOT NULL

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11 years ago
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flickr_block.module patch
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Does the patch let admins disable specific pictures or specific tags or both?

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11 years ago
It allows administrators to block a flickr user.

So if a spreadfirefox user posts something on flickr tagged with spreadfirefox that is inappropriate we can add the flickr id to the flickr_denied table and block the user from showing all images on spreadfirefox . 

What we have with this patch is the minimum required to solve the problem. When this is pushed i can work on extending this so we can block the image(s) only  and provide some GUI interface to handle all of this 

Paul Booker
Over to webdev for review.
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11 years ago
sorting it out...
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11 years ago
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11 years ago
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flickr_block.module patch

patch looks good. tested it. Need to update database as indicated above to get this to work
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11 years ago
Paul, please commit this. Do you have access to run the SQL on stage? If so, do that first, then commit the patch. If not, let me know.

After we deploy it to stage, we can ask IT to push it live.

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11 years ago
Alex , I have added the SQL statement with the patch and commited to subversion.

If we can get the changes pushed live ill take it from there.

Thanks Paul


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11 years ago
Created attachment 318900 [details] [diff] [review]
flickr_block  patch
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11 years ago
Hi Paul,

I think you checked this in. Should we mark it as resolved?

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11 years ago
Hi Chris

I'll resolve this as bug fixed when the changes have been pushed to production
and i have updated the database successfully 

Thanks Paul 


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11 years ago
Hi Chris,

Has this patch been pushed to production and the database schema updated on the status report page ? If so would you close this ticket please.

Thanks Paul
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11 years ago
yes, it has been pushed and the db is update.
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11 years ago
Thanks Alex :-)
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