Incorrect font color is being used in menus and menubars




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10 years ago
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10 years ago
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Gnome Terminal menu compared to Firefox menu

Firefox uses incorrect colors when showing menus:

1. Enabled menubar items ("Failas", "Rodymas", "Žurnalas" etc. in the screenshot) incorrectly set their font color to that of enabled menu (e.g. context menu) items,
2. Active menubar item ("Taisa", white on white in the screenshot) incorrectly sets its font color to that of enabled menubar items,
3. Active menu (e.g. context menu) item ("Ieškoti" in the screenshot) incorrectly sets its font color to that of enabled menubar items.

If you install the Elegant Brit theme (, you'll find that

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10 years ago
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comparing GIMP and Firefox 3 menus (qtcurve)

GTK under KDE here, using QtCurve theme.  (both GTK and KDE versions of the theme installed)  Attached is a screenshot of GIMP correctly using this theme and Firefox 3 not.  My font itself also looks a bit off.

Not entirely sure if my issue is an exact match to the issue you're getting; could be this bug plus another.  In any case, Firefox is definitely having issues with the menu font colors with some themes.

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10 years ago
I just installed some updates to Mandriva's theme config files as well as fglrx.  Works fine for me now; not sure which update fixed it.

Rimas, are you still having font problems?

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10 years ago
I'm not using Mandriva, and there are no updates in Ubuntu.

Anyway, I believe this should be solved at Mozilla side, not in each distro separately.

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9 years ago
I can't seem to set duplicates but I think this is actually a duplicate/dependancy of 408347.


9 years ago
Component: Theme → Themes
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
QA Contact: theme → themes

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9 years ago
I don't think it's a dupe. It's a different bug in the same functionality
Component: Themes → Widget: Gtk
Product: Toolkit → Core
QA Contact: themes → gtk
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