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Non-browser apps shouldn't need to build xpfe/components/history/public


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xpfe/components/history/public provides nsIBrowserHistory.idl; there is only one instance it is used outside of browser/ suite/ .../places or .../history directories, and that instance is actually only required for non MOZ_XUL_APPs:

We should therefore drop building it for TB, SB and Composer (is Composer still active?). This will mean several apps building one less directory in xpfe, as well as making it clearer which interfaces are really used/available.

If any of these want to pick up history or places later, then it'll make that easier as well.
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The fix

Given that the decision for Thunderbird & co hasn't been made yet wrt 1.9/mozilla-central, requesting approval for check in on 1.9.

The build-config change to the will only affect Thunderbird, Sunbird and stand-alone Camino.

The include change will "affect" more, but it is only required in that file in non-MOZ_XUL_APP places, hence it won't affect FF its just effectively removing a redundant include.
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Patch checked into mozilla-central so marking as fixed. Still want this for 1.9.0 given no decisions have been made yet.
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The fix

Moving nomination to new Drivers please see comment 1 for original approval request.
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The fix

No point in doing this one now TB is almost into hg.
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