mozilla could index PDBs for VLC plugin to simplify debugging




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Just an idea; mozilla could index PDBs for release versions of the VLC mozilla plugin to simplify debugging of said plugin. This would make it slightly easier to debug crashes related to this plugin and thus it would help this _open source_ media playback stabilize faster.

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How exactly would we index PDBs for a project that we don't compile? Are you suggesting that we run a symbol server for someone else's symbols? Seems a little silly to me. Setting up a symbol server is not that hard, and it can be served by any HTTP server as plain files. I'm happy to help people from other projects setup their own symbol servers, but I don't see why this is any of our business.
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10 years ago
Well... I do think we should be in the business of keeping .sym files for common versions of plugins and extensions if they are willing to give us PDBs, so that socorro can walk stacks in them. If that happens to get us symbol-server capabilities for free, why not?
Sure, and if the reporter wants to contact the VLC folks and make this happen, I am all for it. I still don't think we should be operating a symbol server for non-Mozilla projects, but I'm happy to accept their symbols for our crash reports.

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10 years ago
I talked to some of the VLC devs over IRC this morning and it seems that they compile their final binaries with GCC/MSYS and I don't think GCC can output symbols in PDB format. On top of this, it seems that there is no active maintainer for the VLC mozilla plugin, which is a shame. All in all, this feature request is probably hard to implement right now.

It would be cool if the GNU project had some kind of symbol server software for stabs/dwarf data, combined with a WinDBG extension for handling such data. Or maybe PDB output capabilities could be added to GCC (which might be hard given that MS changes this format all the time). I believe that the WINE project has some open source code for handling PDB files though:

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10 years ago
we only need .sym data. which we do get on unix from gcc builds. so gcc shouldn't really be a problem....
You'd have to convince the Linux dump_syms to compile with mingw, probably, but it might be possible. Anyway, there's no such thing as a symbol server for non-PDB debugging info, so that portion isn't possible.
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