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11 years ago
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11 years ago
If you want users to discover and use the new site identification button (on the left side of the URL bar), I suggest either the international “i” (information) symbol or a question mark as an icon.

The way it is now, it doesn't look like a button.  Most users probably won't discover it, and the danger of spoofing a secure connection is still present.  Using the site-supplied icon is a great way to camouflage a button, and the icon probably shouldn't be used for dual purposes anyway.

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11 years ago
See also bug 431495 and bug 430790
Component: Location Bar and Autocomplete → Security
Depends on: 431495
QA Contact: location.bar → firefox

Comment 2

11 years ago
This uses the identity icons for the site button, which enables users to see the basic security state easily.
The lock in the statusbar should be enough indication; especially since the lock in the URLbar has disappeared I only watch the statusbar on secure sites.
Normally I only start to look around for the lock when I want to bank or submit other info not meant for everyone.

Comment 4

11 years ago
(In reply to comment #2)
Yeah, that's the idea.  Although now that I look at it a little better, the cop icon looks a little inscrutable.

(In reply to comment #3)
In theory, yes, but isn't the idea that the lock is too obscure and too far away for the average user?  Isn't that why it's been denigrated?  The idea of this bug is to make it apparent to the user that there is something there to be explored, and in particular, the icon should hint that there is site information.  Larry is a beautiful idea if you can get people to look at it.

And if the lock is sufficient, why the sudden emphasis on the color code?  And how do you get people to figure out the color code or even notice that there is information without enticing them to click on the button?

Comment 5

11 years ago
(In reply to comment #4)
> And if the lock is sufficient, why the sudden emphasis on the color code?  And
> how do you get people to figure out the color code or even notice that there is
> information without enticing them to click on the button?

And how are we ensuring that themes are not going to change the colors and completlely confuse everyone that switches between themes?


Comment 6

10 years ago
There are some things themes should not be allowed to change.  Are you going to allow themes to change the appearance of the lock, for example?
Why shouldn't themes change the appearance of the lock icon? If nothing else it may need color changes depending on what the background colors are, but if all the other icons are in a cartoony style (or futuristic, or whatever) then the lock really ought to match suit. A malicious theme could change things around, but a malicious theme is malicious and that's why the theme install process warns people to only install them from people they trust.

Comment 8

10 years ago
And if you really allow color changes, as you advocate, what becomes of the security color code (blue, green, etc.) for the icon that is now used?

It's up to you guys, but the more you allow changes, the less consistency you have.  If you really want to simplify security and educate users, this would mean that there's not much point in posting a picture of what it looks like.  I know this has been discussed before, but a little spot glowing in the center is a very peculiar way to show a security code.  You really, really need simplicity.
I'm not "advocating" that theme authors change the colors, just saying Firefox doesn't need to do anything to prevent it and that in certain themes it may be appropriate. There's been a fair bit of branding about "Green == EV" that theme authors would be foolish to ignore (for example), but there are lots of shades of green and another shade might work better depending on the theme's overall color scheme. If theme authors pick stupid values that users can't understand then they won't use that theme, for the security indicators as much as anything else in the UI.

That said I don't like having color be the only security indicator (Re: comment 3 -- the status bar lock icon may be going away entirely) and fully support a separate security icon as in bug 431495.
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