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Notes on usage of document.domain missing one important thing



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Example to test cross-domain JS with document.domain

Hi, would you consider adding the following section to the bottom of the page. See also the attached package, which I used to test in Firefox on Mac OS X. When I didn't set document.domain in the higher (parent) domain, then I was still getting permission errors.

Note that you need to  set <i>document.domain</i> in both the subdomain and the parent domain to the same value. You need to do that
even when setting document.domain in the parent domain to its 'native' (original) domain. It's not enough to set it only on the subdomain part. Otherwise you'd still get permission errors.
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This page had been moved over to MDC but a redirect was missing.  I just set a redirect up to the correct page at

Changing product to Mozilla Developer Center to discuss original issue of adding additional information to the page.
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4 years ago
Updated the article.
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