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IAText::TextBeforeOffset does not return proper return values with invalid offsets


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When IAText::TextBeforeOffset is called with invalid offset parameters (for example the text "test" with an offset of 0), Firefox returns wrong values. According to Pete Brunet and the IA2 meeting attendees: The return code should be S_FALSE, both out offsets 0, and the out string NULL.   

Pete's result is:
textBeforeOffset using "test" and offset 0: start offset = 0, end offset = 1,617,404,570 , string is "test".  Note: I get various large numbers for the
end offset. 

The other methods are fine.
Marco, our bug is we should return 0 and 0 for offsets?
Yes, 0 and 0 for offsets, and NULL for the string. Currently, if we get the string "test", an offset of 0 into textBefore, we return the string "test", a starting offset of 0, and an arbitrary number for endoffset. The other methods are fine.
Attached file mochitest based test
Marco, please look at mochitest-based test. For every constant and aOffset = 0 I always get 0, 1 and 't'. Can you modify it to reproduce the bug?
Pete, what type of BoundaryType are you passing into the call to get_TextBefore?
I used 1 for WORD.  Alexander might have been using 0 for CHAR.
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