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Shouldn't Extensions Be Separate From Themes?


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Extensions are separate from themes in the browser Add-ons Manager, yet are lumped together on (AMO). Wouldn't users typically come to looking only for extensions or themes? Therefore, shouldn't extensions and themes be separate so that users do not have to "wade" through themes when looking for extensions and vice versa?

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. For example, click on the recently updated "View all" link for recently updated extensions.
2. User must then look through a listing of both recently updated extensions and themes.
3. It appears that all of the "View all" links list both extensions and themes.
Actual Results:  
See Step 2, above.

Expected Results:  
If looking only for updated extensions, user should see a listing of extensions only without any themes and vice versa.
Confirming, especially in the "newest" and "update" view, this gets really nasty.
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Ever confirmed: true
What would be best is if "Newest Add-ons" and "Updated Add-ons" be issued it's own category type number.  The other views (Name, Downloads, and Rating) can be disabled for this new category type number so that only Newest and Last Updated are shown.

Please solve this bug so that the Type 1 Category (Extensions) can go back to be extensions only like before.
In bug 432665, add-on types will become more separated again. Then, we'll change this behavior, so /type:1/cat:all will refer to extensions only again, and type:2... will be for themes.
Depends on: 432665
Version: unspecified → 3.2
Hmm...  I just realized something with the recent AMO updates to v5.  While there's still no quick way to sort out extensions from all categories from themes in "Just Added" and "Updated", people can use Advanced Search to only get a list of all extensions from all categories.

See this:

For people using the Just Added and/or Updated RSS feeds though, you'll still have to sit tight as there's no way to save custom searches as RSS feeds (though it may not be a bad idea to file an enhancement request about that).
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