Passwords stored on User Profile B are viewed by User Profile A




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User Profile A is the first Administrator account created on computer.
User Profile B is the second Admin account created on computer.

Passwords stored by User Profile A do not appear on list of saved passwords for User B.

Passwords stored by User Profile B appear on the list of saved passwords for User A.

I have deleted User B's saved password from User A's list. I came back to User A at the end of the day, and it still has passwords for User B.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. in Vista, setup an Admin user --> User A 
2. login as User A and setup a profile for User B, the log off
3. login as User B
4. browse the web on User B, save passwords
5. log off as User B and login as User A
6. review list of saved passwords on User A's profile
Actual Results:  
User B's saved passwords appear on User A's list of saved passwords.

Expected Results:  
User B saved passwords should not appear on User A's list of saved passwords regardless of them being both Admin users.


- Master password was not set following this scenario.
- There is a possibility that User A's passwords may also appear on User B's list.  (reversed scenario not verified)
Rob, can you comment here? We've had similar INVALID bugs with Windows accounts vs. FF profile folders, but not sure what's happening/expected in this case.
Matilyn, what exact steps were performed when you "setup a profile for User B"?

Comment 3

11 years ago
Rob - here are the steps you requested.

From User A account: 
1. Click Start button >> Control Panel
2. Click "Add or remove user accounts
3. Click "Create New User"
4. Name the user, then select Administrator as user type
5. Click "Create Account" button
When I have a chance I'll check out if the profile directory is copied from the existing admin accounts directory when using this method which I suspect it is.

Comment 5

11 years ago
Rob - FYI only

I had a similar issue with Digsby app. 

p7515 ::Info from Account A appears on Account B

I've provided the issue summary below for your convenience. The developer didn't provide feedback on the solution.
OS: Vista Business
Digsby: Build 14938

I have 2 user profiles setup on one computer.

Each user has a Digsby account.

User A is logged in to Digsby Account A and then logs off Vista session.

User B logs on Vista session on the same computer and is auto-signed on to Digsby as Digsby Account B.

User B sees Email and Social Network settings of Digsby Account A.
User B doesn't see her expected Email and Social Networks.
Some IM accounts for Digsby Account B are missing.
However User B does not see Digsby Account A's IM accounts.

I am User B and I have had to manually reset my IM, Email and Social Network preferences every time I login to Digsby Account B.
Can you check the logging output from [Requires Firefox 3]

Enable it, and visit a page with a login form (to trigger initialization of the pwmgr). You should see a line out output with signons3.txt

PwMgr Storage: Reading passwords from /Users/dolske/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/123abcxy.Minefield/signons3.txt

This would confirm that the two users are sharing the same profile. [Not sure if there's an easier way]
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