Obtaining periodic backups of the SecurityServices CVS module



10 years ago
10 years ago


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I've been tasked to investigate the feasibility of obtaining periodic backups of Mozilla's CVS repository for NSS & NSPR (the SecurityServices CVS module).  
So I want to ask some questions about obtaining backups of the RCS files for those parts of the CVS tree.  I have just a few questions.  

The first is: how many megabytes do the RCS files for that module occupy?

The second is: is there any way to "pull" copies of those RCS files over the 
net at will?  

I understand that one option may be to setup a CVS mirror that is updated by 
an rsync-like "push" technology.  I wonder if it is possible to do that for 
just the desired subset of the tree, and I wonder if the frequency of those 
rsync-like backups can be controlled or specified for the mirror.  

If one were to request CDs or DVDs containing backups of those RCS files, 
would anyone at Mozilla seriously consider doing that?  Perhaps at cost?
What if this was requested to occur monthly or weekly?
And how many CDs/DVDs would it take?

Any other ideas or information about ways to accomplish this would be 

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10 years ago
Hmm, I found http://wiki.mozilla.org/How_to_Create_a_CVS_Mirror
Looks like rsync may be a "pull", as well as (or instead of) a push?
Still, I need to know how much storage space is required.
Is there any way for me to find that out myself?
4.2M	mozilla/dbm
60M	mozilla/nsprpub
216K	mozilla/security/dbm
151M	mozilla/security/nss
6.5M	mozilla/security/coreconf
12M	mozilla/security/jss
120K	mozilla/security/tinderbox

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10 years ago
Looks like you have all the info you need, closing.
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
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10 years ago
Not entirely.   I'm not familiar with rsync's protocol or behavior.
Is rsync totally anonymous? 
Or does it use SSH (as CVS does) ?
Can it be made to use SSH ?

Also, I gather that, if all I'm trying to do is obtain backups, the numerous
steps on the "How to" page regarding setting up one's own cvs server first 
are not actually necessary.  Is that correct?

Comment 5

10 years ago
Does mozilla run an rsync server?  
(In reply to comment #5)
> Does mozilla run an rsync server?  

Yes, see http://wiki.mozilla.org/How_to_Create_a_CVS_Mirror.

Comment 7

10 years ago
I believe I have successfully pulled a complete backup of the 
SecurityServices module with CVS.  

For posterity, I ended up using a --exclude-from file containing 
these lines:

+ mozilla/
+ mozilla/dbm/
+ mozilla/dbm/**
+ mozilla/nsprpub/
+ mozilla/nsprpub/**
+ mozilla/security/
+ mozilla/security/coreconf/
+ mozilla/security/coreconf/**
+ mozilla/security/dbm/
+ mozilla/security/dbm/**
+ mozilla/security/jss/
+ mozilla/security/jss/**
+ mozilla/security/nss/
+ mozilla/security/nss/**
+ mozilla/security/tinderbox/
+ mozilla/security/tinderbox/**
- **

However, when I got done, the total disk space occupied by the downloaded 
directories was quite a bit less than the amount estimated in comment 2 
above.  The output of the "du -sk" command includes these lines:

      3748 /cvs/cvsroot/mozilla/dbm
     53147 /cvs/cvsroot/mozilla/nsprpub
      5628 /cvs/cvsroot/mozilla/security/coreconf
       121 /cvs/cvsroot/mozilla/security/dbm
      7640 /cvs/cvsroot/mozilla/security/jss
    129488 /cvs/cvsroot/mozilla/security/nss
        62 /cvs/cvsroot/mozilla/security/tinderbox

I'm guessing the size difference is due to difference in the sizes of a
minimum disk allocation in the respective file systems.  I'd be interested
in learning any alternative theories.

Comment 8

10 years ago
Also for posterity, the rsync command I finally used was:

rsync -vzrLt --size-only --temp-dir=/tmp/rsync.tmp \
 --exclude-from=/cvs/etc/rsync-excludes --delete \
 cvs-mirror.mozilla.org::mozilla /cvs/cvsroot
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