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about: flawed for localization


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Currently, phrases in about: are cut in three strings: beforeLink, linkTitle and afterLink. While this is not a bad idea, what is one is to have a space "hardcoded" between each of those. Some languages, such as japanese, usually don't use spaces in sentences. It happens about.dtd is not localized in japanese, but if it were, the about: page would look weird.
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r-, this needs either a change in entity names or a patch for l10n, l10n is frozen right now, though. Probably both.

We shouldn't really touch this until we have l10n for Firefox 3.1 up for general consumption, which will take a while.
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patch - v2

I don't see my review comments addressed, r- for the same reasons as before.
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patch - v2

I changed the entity names. Look closer. :)
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Oops, sorry.

CCing Adrian and Gandalf, would you have cycles to create a silme script to generate l10n patches corresponding the en-US one? If, we could either publish the script for localizers, or the patches, possibly landing the latter, too.
working on that
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patch - v2

r=me, though I'm not eager to land this right away. I really don't think this is big enough to break string freeze, and for landing on central, this could lead to confusion then.

If you don't mind holding back on it 'til "sometime next year" ;-)
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The attached patch doesn't apply anymore.
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Before I check that in (now that I can), is there some prerequisite for l10n or is it just okay to change strings on m-c ?
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I guess we should just land this, but make the check-in comment say explicitly that you're moving the whitespace from the xhtml to the DTD, so that people reading that know what they want to do.

Also, could you add a localization note similar to the one that's in the context to this patch?

And once you land, a quick post to about that change would be good, for those that don't read the check-in comments.
Thanks, will do when m-c reopens.
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