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I hope this is the right place to ask this question: I am a little bit confused between "ThunderBird", "Eudora", "Penelope", and "Mozilla" ...

When I receive Email, the Email displays, but the images that are in the html Email do NOT display properly. They are replaced by little rectangles.

I have found that it is possible to load these images with the button "Load Images" or by creating an address book entry for a "From" Email address". This is not exactly convenient.

So the question is:
 Is there a way to always enable "Load images" for:
   1) For the entire "ThunderBird"/"Eudora".
   2) On a per Email account basis.
   3) On a per Email folder basis.

Feel free to read the section "Additional Information" for my $0.02.

Thanks for this very good Email client program !!!!

Best regards,

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Receive an Email from,, .... Anything with html email.
Actual Results:  
See the html Email without images.

Expected Results:  
To be able to configure the html Email that I want to see with images.

I think there are a better way of thinking of this issue. 

My $0.02 is that, it is neccesary to have multiple point for the option "Load images": it could be defined in:
  1) For the entire "ThunderBird"/"Eudora":
      - Window users should be worried about that one. They are not exactly under the model "You ask for it, you get it!!" like the Unix folks.
      - Unix/Linux users would be OK with this kind of option.
  2) On a per Email account basis:
      I think this is interesting for account that are protected by an ISP provider.
  3) On a per Email folder basis:
      This is usefull for account protected or not. For example and using "filters", one can move messages into a different folder. For security reason, the "Junk" folder should not download the images.
  5) On a per "From address" basis:
      Already done.
  4) On a per Email basis:
      Already done.

I also think it would possible to implement all of the above mentioned possibilities in "Thunderbird"/"Eudora". There is JUST a matter of defining a policy that determine what to do with a particular Email (Inheritance, Complex policy, ....)

Feel free to contact me if you need any additional info.

Best regards,

Comment 2

11 years ago
Using Eudora 8.0.0b3, the instructions in the above page do not exactly match. But Eudora also have a button "Config editor" in Edit->Preferences->Advanced and changing mailnews.message_display.disable_remote_image to False resolved the loading of the images for the entire "ThunderBird"/"Eudora".

As said above, the mail in the "Junk" folder are sanitized. As I do not have "Tools -> Junk Mail Controls", I tried with the "Config editor" to toggle "mail.spam.display.sanitize" to False. But, junk mail is still sanitized. It may not be the right toggle.

I still think it would be good to have more control regarding this issue. In particular based on a Email account basis and Email folder basis.

By the way, I starting to get the impression that Eudora & ThunderBird are very similar programs. Should I change to ThunderBird? What kind of compatibility issues will I face?

Best regards,
Eudora 8.0.0b3 is very similar to thunderbird indeed (it's based on thunderbird3 code, utilizing the extensibility of thuderbird), so the compatibility issues should be minimal.

Re enabling remote images in general, it's usually not a good idea if you value your privacy at all. Lots of spam contain tracking codes...

This is no bug report however.
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Comment 4

11 years ago
Switching to ThunderBird was a blast. No major compatibilty issues. Just presentation minor issues. That is the best upgrade I did in many years.

I agree with "Magnus" that it is not a good idea to disable "remote images in general". It is not safe for unprotected users. In my particular case, I append to be protected by an anti-virus, anti-adware, anti-spyware, and most of all a very strong firewall. One need to understand that getting the images from a junk mail will generate more junk mail. The bad guys are monitoring the download of images in order to send more junk mails and/or to sell the email address......

Anyway, I thank you very much "Magnus" for his very kind and very thoughtfull answer.

Best regards,
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