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Status of mails should be available to UI


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The status of a mail or newsposting should be made available to the UI.
Meaning there should be statuses like
- read=true|false
- replied=true|false
- forwarded=true|false
- attachment=true|false
- importance=[high|low|normal|etc...]
- saved=true|false
- encrypted=true|false
- signed=true|false (valid|invalid)

available to use in the UI.

This could fx be used in bug 22112
Blocks: 22112
I don't understand. We do have a column in the thread pane that shows this
information for read, replied, forwarded. We have a separate column with a
priority flag.

To clarify:
The status described shouldn't be shown in the UI. The status info should be 
used in the UI to fx show a different icon for mails that have been forwarded 
than replied. So we need to have the status info avaiable to shown different fx 
icons for different states of a mail.

So this status info would only be used in fx CSS or JS to show different icons 
or context menus for mails.

Hope this helps...?
well we do have separate style rules already which are currently used to control
different style settings in the thread pane based on the status of messages.
Seems like the same idea.

Over to putterman. Probably not something we need to look into for nsbeta2 or
Target Milestone: --- → M19
The basic idea was to have icons in a status column, so that if you have replied 
to a message there is an icon to show this. See bug 22112 for more info on why 
it is needed. This bug is basically asking for the backend for that.
QA Contact: lchiang → esther
I'm not sure I want an icon for showing us that a message has been read.  I can
easily tell the difference between Read and Replied, but I can understand how
this could be an intl issue, also.
Assignee: mscott → sspitzer
Component: Networking - General → Mail Window Front End
I don't think we should have an icon for read, the text is non-bold then. But if
you forwarded/replied to an email and the icon changed to something (with an
arrow back, for reply for instance) that would be way cool!
Keywords: mozilla1.0, ui
Is anything going to happen with this bug/enhancement request?

Almost every other GUI mail program on the planet supports "status icons" to
show if a mail has been read/replied/forwarded etc. Only Mozilla shows text for
these. IMHO it is much harder to quickly scan down a column of text than to scan
down a column of icons, especially when the icons are virtually standardized.

See KMail, Mac OS X etc...
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
Assignee: sspitzer → mail
Assignee: mail → nobody
Priority: P3 → --
QA Contact: esther → message-display
This bug is being marked EXPIRED as it has seen no activity in a very long time.

If you think that the issue reported might still be relevant, please test with a recent release of SeaMonkey and if the problem persists feel free to re-open the report. Thank you.
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Resolution: --- → EXPIRED
Bulk reopening incorrectly expired bugs - no activity does not constitute no bug - these need proper checking.
Resolution: EXPIRED → ---
I'm told Thunderbird has different icons, so I guess the flags are exposed to themes. Probably our SeaMonkey themes don't use that right now, but that's bug 22112.

I'm marking this INCOMPLETE as I can't see from the report what specifically is not exposed to the theme right now and what would specifically need to be changed to consider this fixed. If stuff is missing from exposure, please either reopen with very specific information or even better file a new bug with that information. It doesn't help to have old, unspecific, open bugs lingering around in the database.
Closed: 15 years ago15 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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