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distribution.js module needs tests


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The distribution customizations module needs tests.

I'm not sure what the correct framework is for automated testing.  We need to be able to drop in files to the appdir (in the distribution/ directory), then launch firefox with a new profile and check that the correct changes have been made to the profile.

Manual testing (e.g., litmus) would also be useful.
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> Manual testing (e.g., litmus) would also be useful.

Let me know what kind of tests do you need :) 
We need a sample distribution tree that exercises a wide range of functionality.  Kev, can you help with that?  It should include search plugins, different locales, etc.

And the test should be something like:

1) locate the appdir
2) remove any distribution/ directory if it exists
3) unzip the sample distribution tree into appdir
4) launch firefox with a new profile
5) check various settings the distribution customizes
I can put one together. We also need to check special character handling, and js links, etc. Have a pretty good idea, and I'll add a couple sample distribution directories to cover use cases.
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This is still on the try server, but wanted to give Shane a chance to look at it (try is taking forever).
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if the todo exists, lets use that, otherwise r+

::: browser/components/tests/unit/test_distribution.js:76
(Diff revision 1)
> +  // Assert.throws(() => Services.prefs.getComplexValue("distribution.test.reset", Ci.nsIPrefLocalizedString));

is there an Assert.todo?  The older tests have a todo(bool,msg) and todo_is(a,b,msg)
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Try run:

All those errors are unrelated, so I think I'm good to push here.
Yes. I based this test on that :).

There's also search engine tests as well:

I honestly don't think it makes sense to combine them, since they all rely on the services where they are located.

I'm going to close this bug once we merge and if we decide to beef up the tests we'll do it in a separate bug.
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