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implement way to queue and display notifications


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There should be a way for Weave to queue up notifications for the user as it generates them and then display them for the user when the user wants to see them.

Here's the beginnings of such a beast, a work in progress that reuses some Firefox notification XBL.  It doesn't work yet.
Cc'ing Mano, he's working on this.
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Here's a mockup from Maria of what we're looking for in the notification UI.

The one element of this mockup that needs to be changed is the depiction of a notification with an action needed.  The mockup depicts the action the user can take as a link, but some such notifications will have multiple choices, and some will require additional UI elements like a list of checkboxes.

For example, the notification that "someone wants to share a bookmark folder with you" should let the user say "Yes" or "No" to the request.  And the notification that there are "Tabs From Other Computers" will have a list of tabs the user can open, with checkboxes for choosing which ones to open.

So instead of links, the actions should be buttons.
Here's what the tabs notification looks like currently, so you can see an example of the kind of "action needed" notification that will be integrated into the notification system.

Besides folder sharing and tabs notifications, the other major notification that will require an action is when login or syncing fails for some reason.  There we might allow the user to "Verify Username/Password" or "Try Again" or the like.
mano, are you working on this?  any progress?  trying to get a feel for if we'll be ready for a some test builds over the next day or two
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Taking this again...
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This is close, but it isn't quite there yet.  There are positioning and style issues (icon should be next to weave username, panel should open in corner of browser, warnings and errors should have correct icons and background colors), and it should be possible to add buttons using the basic notification.

But adding and removing notifications works, and tab notifications are now integrated into this consolidated notification UI, providing an example of how you can create a custom notification that does more than the basic notification provides.

I'll try to finish this up tonight.
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Here's a working version, modulo some bugs and a variety of appearance/behavior issues.  I'll wait to check this in until tomorrow, when I can run more comprehensive tests and document the issues encountered (and also how to add a notification).
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Attached patch patch v1: corrected patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
The previous patch was missing some files.  This patch contains them.
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This patch fixes various bugs in the previous one.  Other bugs remain, and there's lots of polish work to do, but that's all best worked on with this patch in the tree, so I'll push it shortly.
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summary:     bug 436636: a system for showing various kinds of notifications in one consolidated location
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