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[META] SeaMonkey preferences / panes that need changing / adding post migration


(SeaMonkey :: Preferences, defect)

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(Reporter: iann_bugzilla, Unassigned)


(Depends on 2 open bugs)


This is a bug to track pref related work that needs looking into post migration to the new pref window:
* preferences that need changing / adding
* panes that need to be re-organised
* preference related functionality that needs to be changed / added to
Depends on: 436942
Depends on: 309057
Depends on: 441659
Depends on: 385141
Depends on: prefpane_migration
Depends on: 79676
Blocks: 390158
Depends on: 455001
Depends on: 455004
Depends on: 168728
Bug 38966 "(BlockJS) Privacy and Security [was Security Policies] pref panel work" has never been functional since it got disabled back in 2000. There be dragons!
Depends on: BlockJS
Well there is always the NoScript extension.
No longer blocks: 390158
Depends on: 390158
This bug is open but targeted for seamonkey2.0a1, which has been released a long time ago. Please set the target milestone to an appropriate value, "---" if it has no specific target.
Target Milestone: seamonkey2.0a1 → ---
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