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add options to mozilla-central for pulling thunderbird/suite from CVS


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I think the simplest solution for bootstrapping Thunderbird/SeaMonkey onto mozilla-central is just to add options to to allow it to check the appropriate dirs out of CVS. This isn't an ideal long-term solution, but it should at least allow both projects to build against 1.9.1 without a lot of pain.

We will probably stop requiring to build Firefox in bug 417635, but I don't see any reason it can't live on for this purpose.
I think this can be a useful intermediate solution until Thunderbird/SeaMonkey have an own hg repositorythat probably will pull mozilla-central dynamically.

Esp. given the short time window to get thing that might be helful for our products into 1.9.1 on hg, I think a fast path for switching to trunk in this manner is a good option, decoupling this from building our own hg repo.
Seems reasonable to me.
-> WONTFIX in light of the comm-central solution Kairo has come up with.
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