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change pushlog hg extension to use new sqlite backend


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I made the pushlog use a sqlite store in bug 437397, this bug is for making the feed extension use that backend. I'm also going to add a HTML view of the pushlog. Patch in a bit.
Assignee: nobody → ted.mielczarek
Triaged to p2, after confirming with Ted in irc that he's well along working on it! 
Priority: -- → P2
Work in here or likely based upon this will be required to make the buildbot hg poller list files in changes. Other things I'd like to see is a parameter to specify for the poller what it's last change is, or when that was, and for the feed to return the pushes since then, or in that time frame.

I wonder if timeframe is something that we'd need for the tinderbox blame column, too.
Listing files in the buildbot hg poller was not a known goal... why do we need to do that?

Parameters for "changes since time X" or "changes since revision X" should be relatively simple.
Listing files is trivially easy, and makes the HTML pushlog view more like bonsai, which I think is the point.
I need the files to make an educated decision on what to actually build when it comes down to l10n. Not sure yet how we're going to do that in the hg world at all.

No idea why getting files wasn't on the initial goals for the feed, I didn't even know that there were initial goals. I did comment over on the buildbot trac bugs that lack of files is sad and should be added.
Ok, this changes the pushlog feed to use the sqlite backend, and also adds a pushloghtml command, which presents the pushlog similarly to the built-in mercurial changeset log. It's kind of hacky, since it's probably duplicating a lot of stuff from the Mercurial templates. I dunno if we can re-use them or not, it's probably worth looking into. I'll file some enhancements as followups, I'm kinda tired of working on this right now.
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I'm not 100% sure how all my links/etc will work when serving this from apache, I've only tested this with "hg serve". I don't actually know how to setup the Apache bits. bsmedberg: do you have such a setup that you could test this in?
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Pushed. Since the HTML interface is new, we can deal with fixes in followups.
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