Setup trunk Seamonkey t'boxes to do separate l10n runs



11 years ago
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11 years ago
I'd like to to this so that we can turn off ReleaseToDated for the l10n run, because it consumes a lot of disk space for builds that aren't needed very often. Happy to help out.

A rough sketch of what's needed:
1, create a new branch from the head of mozilla/tools/tinderbox-configs/seamonkey/ called l10n
2, patch the head "branch" of's to set $BuildLocales = 0
3, patch the head "branch" of mozconfig's to remove locale specific options
4, patch l10n branch of's to set $ReleaseToDated = 0, and add definitions similar to
Change $BuildTreeLocale to $BuildTree
5, check l10n version of mozconfig's for unneeded lines

On each tinderbox, 
1, create a new directory in /builds/tinderbox (eg SM-Trunk-l10n, should match what you put in WGetFiles) and use mozilla/tools/tinderbox/install-links to setup tinderbox. Symlink to Checkout out the l10n branch of tinderbox-configs/<platform> and symlink
2, modify /builds/tinderbox/ to add an entry for the l10n build. You can use "--interval <number_of_seconds>" to do less l10n builds than en-US if you wish
3, restart tinderbox/give it a HUP signal to pick up the config


11 years ago
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11 years ago
I'd like us to make sure the localized builds still get correct automated updates. I don't really like splitting up tinderbox configurations and reconfiguring how our build machines work, when we might switch down tinderbox completely and go buildbot instead when we (probably) ditch cvs trunk and move to hg-based builds with bug 437643.

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9 years ago
So, let's mark it as invalid now, we have moved to buildbot and this is no problem any more.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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8 years ago
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