Firefox gets stuck in endless(?) loop of XUL_GetFileFromPath on AJAX-heavy page




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the above URL (pw protected but I can provide a copy) contains a web project with lots of JS and AJAX elements that are drag&drop enabled like this:

<span id="zuser_1977" class="zuser country_5" title="[PAR] McDonald, Sarah; 0; Kanada">1977<span class="zuser_age">0j</span>
<script type="text/javascript">
new Draggable("zuser_1977", {revert:false})

This is code using the Scriptaculous/Prototype JS Framework.

Problem: Firefox loads the page and after finishing loading, suddenly spikes CPU usage up to 100% and freezes (OS X shows the spinning beachball).

The more of the above fragments I use, the longer the freeze time. With several hundred fragments I had to wait for ten minutes.

I will attach the HTML code in question, and a backtrace, shortly.

Safari 3.1 on the same machine, using WebKit, also spikes CPU load after loading but only for a split second, even if there are thousand such fragments on the page.

This might be related to Bug #434513 which also reports XUL_GetFileFromPath high load because the function was (ab)used by a plugin (AFAIunderstand). But it's not the same problem.

Reproducible: Always

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10 years ago
Created attachment 324924 [details]
backtrace created by OS X for Firefox after killing it, stuck in XUL_GetFileFromPath

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10 years ago
Can anybody comment on this bug? I tried the same site using Safari and FF2, and both don't have this problem and display the page at once.


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10 years ago
Update & Workaround:

* The freeze (long delay) happens within Prototype's "getstyle" function (Prototype JS 1.5.1).
* It is apparently caused by Prototype adding "style=position: relative;" to each Draggable <span> object.
* If I add "position: relative" to the span's CSS in my main CSS file, the time spent in GetStyle() is much, much smaller (e.g. 500ms instead of 23 seconds).

So *something* in Prototype's "GetStyle" function, quoted below, is causing this bug.

prototype.js implementation:

Element.Methods = {

  // ....

  getStyle: function(element, style) {
    element = $(element);
    if (['float','cssFloat'].include(style))
      style = (typeof != 'undefined' ? 'styleFloat' : 'cssFloat');
    style = style.camelize();
    var value =[style];
    if (!value) {
      if (document.defaultView && document.defaultView.getComputedStyle) {
        var css = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(element, null);
        value = css ? css[style] : null;
      } else if (element.currentStyle) {
        value = element.currentStyle[style];

    if((value == 'auto') && ['width','height'].include(style) && (element.getStyle('display') != 'none'))
      value = element['offset'+style.capitalize()] + 'px';

    if (window.opera && ['left', 'top', 'right', 'bottom'].include(style))
      if (Element.getStyle(element, 'position') == 'static') value = 'auto';
    if(style == 'opacity') {
      if(value) return parseFloat(value);
      if(value = (element.getStyle('filter') || '').match(/alpha\(opacity=(.*)\)/))
        if(value[1]) return parseFloat(value[1]) / 100;
      return 1.0;
    return value == 'auto' ? null : value;

  // ...
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