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[FIXr]intermittent mochitest failure in test_bug413310


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(Reporter: joduinn, Assigned: bzbarsky)



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We're investigating intermittent test failures, and find that this test
sometimes passes, sometimes fails, even when there are no code changes. Its
happened with a few builds this week. (It was happening before, as well as
after, the recent NetApp woes). 

Can you review how this test was written and see if the test can be made more

suite: mochitest
stdio line#13065
error msg: *** 13678 ERROR FAIL Error thrown during test: doNextStep is not defined /tests/docshell/test/test_bug413310.html	

Note: This test does not *break* builds, they only fail out as orange.
Hmm.  Yeah, I think I see how this could happen.  Diff that should help coming up.
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The comments more or less explain what the change is here.
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John - is the patch good to go?
Boris: this should probably be reviewed by Waldo (who's afk), sayrer or myself. R+ from me though you should add a space to the comment line (NOTget):

+// modified accordingly!  It assumes that subframes do NOTget bfcached.

I'm not sure this will fix the problem as we're still using explicit timeout values here, but the order might improve reliability.

Also, as a final note, it's well-past May now. Might want to change your "very little time" message. Helpful tip provided at no extra charge!
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Minor nit: can you fix typo in comment "do NOTget " should be "do NOT get "! 
> I'm not sure this will fix the problem as we're still using explicit timeout
> values here

That's OK.  All that's needed there is that the code run async.  When is not important.  I almost changed the timeout value to 0 to make that clearer.

And fixed the name.  If forgot to update it when late May didn't free up...

I won't be able to check this in for probably a week or so.  If someone can get to it before then, great.
Assignee: nobody → bzbarsky
Keywords: checkin-needed
Summary: intermittent mochitest failure in test_bug413310 → [FIXr]intermittent mochitest failure in test_bug413310
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Gavin or reed can you land this?
Landed on mozilla-central:
and CVS trunk:
mozilla/docshell/test/test_bug413310.html 	1.2 
Keywords: checkin-needed
Should be fixed.
Closed: 15 years ago
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