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Video code on Firefox page can't accept other videos than the english one


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The js code to call a video on the firefox code lacks documentation on how to call the video:

We have 19 subtitled videos in both flv and ogg versions that will be hosted on, I need to know how to have our pages on mozilla-europe call the subtitled videos. Currently, the only thing that it can display is the youtube video with Asa and crop circle.
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I've got a request into the flash develop to help us get it set up such that we can pass in the URL of the video into the SWF file.
any news on this? This is blocking the release of the new site for Europe.
I notified the people at the Royal Order (agency that we worked with to create the new site and the video) and they have a Flash guy working on it right now. I conveyed the urgency of the issue, so I'm expecting this to be resolved today.

Will keep you posted.
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We've got an updated version of the player that lets us pass in another video. Pascal, you can update the video in en-US/firefox.html on this line:

var player = new FirefoxVideoLaunch('launch-video', 'video/playerWithControls.swf?flv=videos/FF3_Screencast_Draft4.flv');

replacing "videos/FF3_Screencast_Draft4.flv" with the URL of your video.

You can also add the following lines to the html file right before the "var player" line to localize the text:


See the defaults for each at the top of js/firefox-video-launch.js

The problem we have now is that the sub-titled videos are a different height/width, and it appears that the player expects a single standard size. I'll ask them about this.
ok, I am going to try in an hour or so. Note that I have only added subtitles to the video, they have the same height and width as the original one I was given for subtitling.
Pascal, a few updates here:

In r15796 I've moved the flash player out of the en-US dir.
in r15796 I've added another version of the player file for the size of the videos.

I'll do another update that allows customization of the height/width of the player in a minute.
now with r15798, you can re-set the height/width of the flash player per-page.
Filed bug 439560 for security hole with new video player
I have integrated all the latest changes and it works, it now picks up the subtitled videos, but the width/height does not really work, if I increase height to the size we use, I loose the download link to the ogg version and the change in size does not change the real width/height ratio of the video so the text and image are a bit distorted.
Pascal, you should be using playerWithControlsCaps.swf, not playerWithControls.swf. That version is setup for the video sizes with captions. It's in includes/flash/

Pascal tells me this depends on bug 439351, so marking appropriately.
Depends on: 439351
[12:19] <beltzner> ok, now that the files are copied, anything else to do on 439358?
[12:19] <pascalchevrel> no

Marking FIXED.
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