right click a page and menu items will be activated without selecting them




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when you right click on a web page or a blank page at a certain point(usually the top left area of the page, not the links), the right-click memu items will be automatically activated, most of the time so annoying, without seeing the right-click menu.Even worse there's no cut,copy, or paste items to select, when right click in a text box.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.open a blank page and right click the top left area, and of course the right-click menu will appear where the cursor is at the center.
2.try more clicks on a wider area.
3.then at some point the right memu item will be activated without being selected.
4.or try this page: 
 right click in the text box"Details" at right area, some items will automatically activated,and no memu appears. Even it appears there's no such commands as cut,copy or paste.
Actual Results:  
at some point the right-click memu items will be activated without being selected and so no menu will appear as usual.Even it appears there's no such commands as cut,copy or paste.

Expected Results:  
the right-click menu should be appear below or above the cursor as usual to avoid such bug.and add cut,copy or paste command when right click in a text box.

This bug is so annoying that I can hardly enjoy my surfing when I use the right-click to perform some commands.

I hope this bug will be fixed immediately. I'm a huge fan of firefox 3, but this bug really really **** me off or I have to switch back to firefox 2 again.

Thanks for your concern and your hardwork.

Best wishes,
Doesn't happen for me, works fine (but I'm using WinXP, not Vista). Since this is not straightforward I'm going to unhide the bug so more people can see it -- maybe they'll have better luck. Doesn't sound anything like a security exploit.
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10 years ago
maybe you can try searching on google, right click on the blank area of the result page, try some different spots ,this bug will show.
This is worksforme here on Vista, using the classic theme.

What theme are you using? Are you using extensions?

Comment 4

10 years ago
i finally found the cause: it is the extension"snap links", it works fine if you simply change the Max compatible version in the file install.rdf,and then this error will show.

maybe this bug report should be closed and we'll have to wait for a compatible version of snap links.

sorry for false alarm!

Thank you.


10 years ago
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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10 years ago
it is not the firefox to blame!
Ok, that means this bug is invalid.
Perhaps you should contact the extension author about this, so he can fix his extension.
Resolution: FIXED → INVALID
Verified invalid.
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